My bipolar sister in law

My bipolar sister in law stayed with us last year and answered all my texts and communicated with me. Now that she’s living on the mountain she never texts back. My husband says she was only around last year because she wanted our old equinox car and she wanted to live upstairs rent free with her daughter and two dogs. Also my husband told her to stay away if her ex lover was getting out of jail. Her ex lover is a psychopathic woman that went to jail for 5 yrs, for drug possession. I tried to text her multiple times and my husband says his mom told him she was not doing so well. I guess I just want her to be someone she’s not. My husband said she’s a parasite and only wants handouts.
I guess I just want to be friends but she ghosts you unless you give her things
I don’t know how to move on.
She’s actually cool to be around when she’s stable. Last I heard she was on abilify.

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