Sister visiting today...dreading it

My sister is coming over today. She doesnt get along with her husband. Her kids are kind of whiny and annoying. And my sister tells tall tales. She exaggerates everything. Everything is always the best possible thing or the worst possible thing. It drives me crazy! Literally! Every time they come over i hide in my room. I cant stand the rift between my sister and her husband. I also cant stand him. He is the most boring guy. I wish she wouldve never married him. Never liked him. Never will. And he is a lazy father. He comes over here and just gets on his phone or sleeps in the recliner.

Ugh! I hate when they come over!


I’m uncomfortable around most of my family.

It can feel unbearable to be with them.

I love them but it’s complicated and difficult.

I understand you hiding out at your room.

I kinda do the same or similar.

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I feel bad cause its my family and im supposed to love them. But they are just so hard to be around.


Update on my current situation. My brother in law always sleeps when he comes over and just ignores his kids. He was sleeping in the chair and my sister (his wife) said, geeze. Youre making me tired. He said in return in kinda a nasty way “well you got to nap while i was doing the laundry so i get to nap now.” I just want to hit him. I cant stand him.

Are they gone yet? I’m sorry your brother in law is a jerk. But, maybe he did give her an opportunity to nap, and he was so tired he was cranky, and he genuinely needed a nap. Is that possible?

Yeah i guess thats possible. It was just the way he said it. He doesnt treat her woth much respect. It was very spiteful


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