My biggest online frustration

Online (cloud?) storage by a wide margin .

BT Cloud
Google drive
Microsoft one drive

They’ve all been varying degrees of crap. I want something easy to use i.e no damn fiddle faddle.Good amount of storage. Reliable in terms of syncing updated versions of files, automatically uploads new files . Can upload folders so that files go into the appropriate folder and not into a huge 'general ’ folder .That latter one really p****s me off :person_facepalming:

OneDrive is pretty much seamless and it’s the back end for SQFM.

Amazon Photo is amazeballs for photographers.

That wasn’t my experience, some, but not all, I’ll put down to being less tech savvy than you. Watchwords/phrases: ‘Simple but powerful’, ‘plenty of storage bang for my buck’ , ‘reliable’- doesn’t decide to stop uploading files. I’ve had no files uploaded to BT cloud since early November last year.Can upload folders so files go into an appropriate folder.

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