Anyone use online file storage?

If so what do you recommend? I’ve tried google drive , but didn’t like it that much.

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Google Drive is awesome, imo.

Just have a folder on your drive that you want to share and share the link.


Dropbox is alright. :fish::fish::fish:

I love Google Drive.


Google picture automatically saves my pic’s. it handy

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Perhaps it’s just me with Google drive. I’m not the most organised of people. I need to upload the folders on my USB drive , but struggle to do it in an easy and methodical way .

I use MS OneDrive, it’s included with my Office 365 subscription. The back end of Squirrel FM runs on it and it’s been pretty seamless. Tried to use Google Drive at first, but it used a whack tonne of resources and kept destabilizing the automation systems, even ones that were pretty souped up. Pretty bad when a dual Xeon octacore Dell with 64 GB of RAM is flakey as hell with Drive.


I like OneDrive, it integrates with mobile really well - and doesn’t take any effort to use. Been using it since it started and never had any problems. It comes built in with windows if you’re using a PC.

I’d try one drive if I could use an email address I already have .

I like Onedrive. Easy to use.

I use Google Drive, for a few important documents, lest my mobile phone breaks down

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The only online storage i use is google photos for my little ones piccys. Did pay on subscription for google drive for a bit - but they closed the account, cos i had quite a few pirated games on it from Usenet - they didnt like that too much lol.

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Yes, the external hard drive that I bought for my storage needs was bought online.

Me too
I think google drive is pretty good

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I use one drive. It is integrated into file explorer, so it is pretty easy to use.

You can. I use a GMail address with OneDrive. The perversity of it appeals to me.

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How do you do that then?

Just looked at the OneDrive plans . 100 GB storage only seems ok , but the 3 files only personal vault rules out using it .

The £ 59.99 plan looks good, but I dont want Office 365.

I use IDrive which has 5TB Storage for like $100 after the first year. The first year is pretty cheap but the Android app seems a bit buggy at times. It took a very long time to upload all my data.

I once had a Linksys home router that had a usb drive jack to set up your own FTP and media server. Not sure it was super secure but it was really cool to be able to access all my mp3’s remotely pretty easily.

I dont really see the appeal of online storage for me personally now - maybe just to back up the phone. But when you can get a 4tb external for 70-100 quid on amazon - with faster transfer speeds, and store it locally, i dont see the point.