My best friend

Jackson, my dog that I’ve had for 12 years now. He’s my reason for fighting to get better and waking up in the morning. I’m especially thankful for him this time of year, when I start to feel low. It’s kind of hard to feel sad when you have a loving best friend sitting next to you, giving you unconditional love.

Here’s to MANY more years together!


Very cool. I’m glad you got this to post.
What a nice looking dog. I’m glad you have him. Was he a pound save or from a breeder?

I actually rescued him from a really bad home. His owners kept him locked in a dark basement without any lights on. They never interacted or played with him. He had several serious medical conditions from not being taken care of for the first 6 months he was alive. He was in rough shape.

But, even with all the mistreatment, he was still super loving and sweet. I took him home and started getting him the care that he needed. He got better after a few months, and he’s been healthy and happy ever since!

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good on you for taking the dog in and giving it a loving home.
take care

So sad because some ppl are so cruel to animals. Why get a dog if you aren’t going to take care of it. :frowning:

I’m glad you found each other. I’ve had 3 dogs. German shephards. But now kids occupy me too much to have the energy for a dog.

I’m so glad you found him and healed him. Very cool. He looks great in the pic. I can see how it would be hard to be down with this happy little face greeting you in the morning.

i annoy my dog sometimes and he has bit me a few times…ive a few scars on my hand from him, he is a bit wicked sometimes

Thanks for the positivity guys! He’s very important to me. And all the hard work in getting him healthy and trained was definitely worth it!



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I am glad that you have this connection to your dog. Sometimes people’s best friends are just dogs and other animals. When I lived in my auto in America over 780 days I had a black cat ‘Minx’ with me and he was my only friend, but when things get really tough and it is about the life and the death, no animals can help one, which is why I just left my three cats in Atlanta in 2000 when I went to live my own life. I do not know what happened to these cats. I also ended the life of one cat ‘Make’ in 2010 by taking him to the vet. So when it has been about my own life, no animal has ever meant anything, but I am glad you have a friend.


I had an ex-girlfriend in 1987 who always told that people are animals, but I suppose she has learnt more now. Humans are so much more than animals, but I had a real connection to this girl at the time, but I had to leave her behind too. I suppose I chose between love and something else at the time. She mailed me a postcard in 1988 from New York City, where I then lived in my auto in 2000.