Couldn't get back to sleep

So I decided to get up and make some scrambled eggs and coffee. :slight_smile: how’s everyone’s morning/day/night?

Going well so far, haven’t slept yet, but I will when I will.

That is totally fair. Hopefully it ends up being some good sleep when it comes. :slight_smile: glad to hear it’s going well.

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That’s a cute dog pic btw.

Well thank you. That’s my dog Lily. She’s my best friend. :smiley:

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I just love it when dogs smile.

Me too. Dogs are too good for us. But I know she’s saved my life a few times.

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Well that’s a good doggo right there.

Yes for sure. :slight_smile: I spoil her. Lol. I got her a new toy yesterday and she already destroyed it. XD

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I should probably get a dog. Thought that maybe I wouldn’t be able to connect with an animal because of this illness, but perhaps I can.

Anything is possible. I’ve had my dog for 7 years now. So before the illness hit me. But she gives me a reason to continue on each day. A purpose, which helps immensely.

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Actually, I take it back, I can barely take care of myself. Maybe when I’m better at taking care of myself, I’ll get a dog. Wouldn’t hurt to have a companion.

I hear that. I currently live at home with family so I have help. But I think you will get there eventually. :slight_smile:

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