Been binging on food then making my self sick

Circumstances have put me under a load of stress and the maladaptive habits have all started again:

Binging then purging
Pulling out pubic hair
Isolating myself

I hate the fact that one small hiccup can throw me off so quickly

Hi James.

I hope your feelings of stress pass soon. It can be rough.

Do you listen to the ocean on the iheartradio?

It’s very soothing.

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Hey daze. Thanks for the kind words.

I don’t have the ocean sound but I have a dvd just of an old fashioned wood burning fireplace. It’s literally just a one hour video of a fire burning. It’s SO relaxing.

I like to watch that and concentrate on my breathing. It helps a lot. Here in the UK doctors don’t really like to prescribe benzos so I have had to learn non pharmaceutical ways to destress. (In fact I am quite glad I am not on benzos - I was pretty sedated if them for a while)


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You’re talking to a major drinker here James, so I know all about de-stressing.

Glad you have some things that help anyway, too bad the docs won’t help you out. That sucks.

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This is always a good place to come when feeling overwhelmed. I do hope your stress subsides soon.

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I’m very careful about what foods I purchase. Everything has to meet a certain micronutrient density + not be overly saturated in fat. If it is overly saturated, then I limit myself to just one purchase per week - at the moment that just means extra sharp cheddar & cream cheese.

Other than that, micronutrient dense cereals and iron-rich bagels & oats keep my stomach occupied. I don’t feel the need to binge.

Since it is summer, you could just be holding a lot of water weight, maybe too much. As for the hair thing, maybe trim it all? And isolating yourself isn’t too bad. Communication & socializing is evolving - and the internet is a non-isolated form of communication with others.

Take care.


Jimbob, that is some serious behavior. Maybe if you are around people more the other two symptoms will go away. Binging and purging can wreck your health permanently. I don’t want to scare you but doing that is a shock to your system. Find better ways to relieve tension. Walking, listening to music. baths, getting angry, reading, cleaning, playing with animals. Do a search on “dealing with stress” or 'stress reduction".


Yes, try not to Binge and Purge @Jimbob - Its not good for your health.

Do other things that will relax you or distract - take care of yourself.

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the next time you are feeling like purging think of how much are wasting,im not being sarcastic there really is families and elderly people starving right now, the next time instead of the normal routine go to some park full of homeless folks and give them cheap easy stuff like granola bars itll get your mind off the current crises also just helping will make you feel better, i use to do that and it helped alot.

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I think you’re a pretty smart person man. I get impulsivity and all that. I get mental illness. I do think you could learn to control these things though. You seem highly conscious of them. It might be a matter of doing something else.

Take care of yourself. Kind of sounds like depression but I’m no doc.

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I understand how hiccups and crisis can induce the seemingly dormant disorders. Have have you noticed if certain chemicals or foods catalyze the OC, such as cigarettes or nicotine products?

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I’m glad you shared it here… sometimes a reality check is all that is needed to get back on track with more healthy food behaviours… I find if i share it i stop - so keep sharing…

in difficult times - let people around you know

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Thanks for all the replies folks. Today is better - got my depot which has levelled me a lot.

I think these maladaptive behaviours are part stress/part impulsivity. I used to do them all the time but now they are less.

To be honest I don’t think any meds will really help with this. Like you guys say stress management is the key. Will try to get back into my meditation. That helps.


I have a friend who doesn’t have a mental illness, actually he became an engineer but he always plucks hair from his body, stressed or not. His mom took him to psychiatry a few times though during his childhood but I didn’t ask about it. If you’re gonna eat a lot, try buying just healthy food. you can eat a lot of lettuce and celery. When I’m angry, I focus on drinking water, I drink a lot of water. Glad to hear you’re doing better, may I ask, what happened to the electric bill?

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Hey water. The electric is still unresolved. hate it when stuff is left hanging like this but I really don’t have much choice about the matter. Need to deal with this in a healthier way.

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