Musings about nothing in particular

I feel like when the demon poisoned me it made id get out of control crazy. Id started attacking true self, and then superego got pissed at me for not doing anything to stop what was going on, but what was I supposed to do? Ah well. All’s a mess and once again looks like I’m the one who’s gonna have to clean things up. It’d be nice to get some help around here, that’s for sure.

I’m just holding out for the future I tell ya. But as an animal, the future is sort of a difficult thing to picture. I’ll try to remember that and not get stuck in the present.

I know the feeling. I understand your gist int his post.

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I’m holding out for new drugs. That’s been the purpose of my life for about 40 years.

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I think there’s a word for that - grok?