Music Therapy ( what is your favorite music?)

Right now I’m listening to the Beatles “sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band” and it uplifts my spirits a lot…I prefer older classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s but it just depends, sometimes I listen to hard rock like 90’s grunge and Motorhead, bands like that…I think music really helps with symptoms and makes me feel better than spending all my time watching t.v. (I don’t even have an antenna).

Do you listen to a lot of music and if so, which music do you listen to?


People say I listen to the most god awful music there is, the Grateful Dead. He he. If I had to explain you would not understand. But this is not true I listen to other things than the dead, there is the Jerry Garcia Band for one.

This is something that got me through the toughest of times. I want to say to my sisters and brothers, keep the faith. When the storm flies and the wind blows go on at a steady pace.

My Sisters and Brothers - JGB


I listen to rock - older stuff from my generation 70s 80s and from the grunge 90’s. I am not a fan of todays pop music favorites. Out of the older bands I love the Beatles, Grunge bands like the Screaming Trees, Alice n Chains etc… There is not much newer bands that Im “crazy” about , although I like the song Radioactive
But I really like all types of music, not into new rap, classical and some country although i do like Bluegrass

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I grew up here in Seattle. It’s grunge city. My kid sis is into an odd mix of everything from Reggae to Nine Inch Nails. (I like the Reggae. Some of the Nine Inch Nails is too intense for 5:00 a.m.— Wish & Head like a hole)

I am so tired of hearing “Wish” at 5:00 a.m. and I’m sure our neighbors are sick of hearing it too.

After my onset… music with lyrics begins to get to me. More voices in my ears and head. So I listen to a lot of classical and stuff like Rodrigo Y Gabriela.


When I do listen to music it’s oldies, soft rock and Elvis Presley

I listen to a lot of metal and screamo. I listen to music all the time and it helps me to cope with things. I will also listen to celtic music, dark or otherwise, and heavy dubstep.

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I have never heard of this… please educate?

most people call it that, except for musical know-it-alls, but there is a lot of screaming in the songs, some vocal harmony, and it is just beautiful. I hope that helps you, J

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I just woke up the kid sis and asked her if she has heard of this and does she know of any artist…

She said… Asking Alexandria and Bullet for My Valentine. I think if I wake her up anymore for questions she’ll get really irritated.

Are these bands that your referring to?

yes, some of the many bands like that. Also sleeping with sirens and other bands.

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J-rock! One OK Rock is great. The White Stripes are awesome. Jack White’s solo album is good too. Tegan and Sara are nice. Jethro Tull is awesome. Nirvana is good. Paramore is catchy. Soundgarden is good.

But when I workout I listen to a lot of Corey Taylor (singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour) and assorted metal. My workout buddy loves Pantera as much as I love Slipknot and we share our favorites while driving to the gym.


heard this song last night for the first time and i liked it instanly

Leonard Cohen used yelling/screaming occasionally. It had a beautiful effect .

Coldplay I like a lot, and Dead can Dance, for more upbeat music to distract me, and for relaxation, Enya or Voices of Tranquillity

When I was off my meds last I thought this imaginary guy was in an airplane flying over my head keeping me motivated to work out. I took my pennies and bought him a tie for Christmas. I wrapped but he never showed up. Anyways make a long story short every time don’t stop believin came on the radio it was the most beautiful song I had ever heard.


Then I met this guy on my meds from Detroit (I’m from a small town) and he wore a bow tie in the same print as the other tie. Heard from him today…

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I always thought it was a combo of scream and emo. People screaming about emo stuff. My chemical romance comes to mind but there are worse offenders I’m sure.

This music is thereputic for me, makes me laugh

I posted this in a different topic. But I love music so I felt the need to post here too.

People at work hate that I unironically like MCR hahaha but to me it’s just nostalgia.

Emo is stuff like this

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