What is your favorite genre of music to listen to?

Mine is, gothic rock, I find listening to it loudly calms me and quiets my head.


90’s alternative is my go-to.

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Probably electronic - boards of Canada type stuff (or pretty much anything on the warp label).

I mainly listen to nu metal. I like slipknot a whole lot.


I like listening to different genres of music, but my favorite is Old School R&B.

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I listen to it all. No music police in my home

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I find relaxation music really helps with the stress.

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Classic heavy metal polka.

Mainly alternative stuff. Going back to the pixies. Some 80s pop. A few other outliers.

Don’t really think it all fits in a genre. I go song by song or band by band.

Im into punk music. Love old bands like the ramones. The misfits. The clash and some more modern stuff like less than jake and dropkick murphys

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i normally listen to rap/hip hop…more lyrical,
i can listen to pretty much anything as long its not screamo or house.

The majority of the stuff I listen to is rockish, heavy music. I do listen to almost everything though, except jazz. I absolutely despise jazz.

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dance/club music or New Age/ethnic

Rock, metal, goth, grunge, punk, acid, alternative, folk, Celtic, native aboriginal…

I know the first few I mentioned are all considered a form of rock but they are also really different…I like when several styles are combined together as some musicians can do…

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Different genres but my favourite is contemporary indie.

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dance/easy listening/psychadelic/light rock

anything with a good tune and good lyrics and even better if there is a kick ass video as well

i hate music that is too loud and frantic or fast ;like heavy metal, punk, rap

I listen to either classic rock or relaxation music

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I listen to a lot of the shins, vast, jose gonzales -indie/rock music - the mellow stuff

80’s, goth, symphonic metal :slight_smile: