Music Artists Reach Creative Peak

I have noticed music artists reach a creative peak, usually when they are pretty young, and then after that, their music never compares to what they made when they were at their peak.

It can be seen with a lot of bands or performers.

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I agree and it’s a shame.

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That’s why the Beatles were so great. Putting aside their subsequent solo careers, while they were together they just got better and better and went out on top with Abbey Road.

It’s sad really.

no such thing as a musical peak, just a peak of fame.

youre not always going to like all the music people make, but its a reflection of their selves. If you dont like their music you probably dont have much in common any more. People change, styles get old, but at the end of the day they still have the same skill…

i feel artists fail later in their careers only when they try to be their “old selves returned” but thats only because theres so much pressure from fans for a comeback…

You just gotta do what you do and what sounds good and if other people agree, GREAT!


I’ve heard it said to be a poet you’ve gotta be young. The juices flow then. Later you’ve got to divine for water.

I think Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan put out their best work late in their careers.


yea i was gonna mention johnny cash, it just goes to show how the music biz kinda gotta “fit in” at a particular time and world circumstance sometimes to be considered any good.

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Don’t know about the other two, but Leonard Cohen’s music seems to continue to grow. One of the few singer/songwriters who has survived from the 60’s and 70’s.


I don’t think it has anything to do with popularity. I think most music artists genuinely produce their best work at a certain point, usually when they are pretty young, and their following music just isn’t as good. There are some exceptions though.

Beethoven continued to compose music even up until his death, even after he became deaf. Amazing!!!


i dont really know how you could call it “good” or “bad” i dont think people can really judge that. you can only really say what you “like”, because i mean all the skill is still there…

i think sometimes artists work just works out with whats going on in society and in the world at the time and people love them and everyone thinks they’re “the best artists”…

just look how many painters, van gogh, for example were never famous during their life times. Their work was worth nothing…to the eyes of the world it wasnt “good”. Only decades and centuries later did people begin to appreciate how great these artists truly were.

As long as you are being yourself, its good

I disagree with this. I’m tired so I’ll only use two examples; but they are the biggest. The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen. They had excellent unique ground-breaking music in the beginning of their careers and enjoyed great popularity. But they got off track somehow. I think the Stones last popular record was in 1977 or 1978 with “Some Girls”. But after that, even a fan would have a hard time naming a song from any subsequent album. If good music, catchy tunes and good lyrics make big hits than the Stones lost their touch when the 1980’s began. They still put out music but did fans lose their taste in music or did the Stones stop making good music? I think they lost their talent for making popular music, for whatever reason. And compare Bruce Springsteen’s early music to his later music. Fans know good music when they hear it and though Bruce Springsteen is one of my favorite artists, I have to say, it’s hard listening to his newest music because I sit there hoping for some song that stands out but it never does.

it happens but you get a few gems that manage to sustain and develop their music, these are the best artists imo,

@77nick77 its that old comparison do you like the stones or the beatles

i prefer the stones

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maybe youre just looking for what “he used to do” but he doesnt do that any more. hes an old man and doesnt have the same youthful passions that make popular music exciting. Doesnt mean his music is bad…its just…suited to who he is now which some people simply arent going to like any more. Art is a reflection of self.

thats not to say people cant make bad songs…like they may simply not employ their skills as well on a particular song or they may be worn out and disinterested or something and thus not put as much effort into it and it turns out sloppy

but my point is that insofar as a person puts their full effort and heart into making music, their musical talent doesnt just disappear because they’ve grown in years. Their tastes just change and sometimes their fans dont want that…they want “the same old so-and-so of the 80’s who used to bring down stadiums” which you cant expect from a 60 year old man whos musical tastes have changed

iunno maybe im wrong

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