All artists struggle to find their craft

I’d contest one is different from other artists if they never struggled because of their art.

I just feel like, well I’m listening to this rapper Joyner Lucas. Now he is super talented and Ingenius. But he’s always talking about his struggle throughout his twenties. He’s 30 and just making it. But for a guy so damn good it’s hard to believe he wasn’t always. But that’s the struggle of being an artist. He had to WORK WORK WORK. and now he’s 30 and can reflect on the past ten years in his lyrics. There’s something to be said about struggling and working hard for a while. Then you become so good you can almost take a breath and sit back and say “I did it”. Well that’s my dream I don’t know about you all… but I don’t think anyone is born much more creative than others. We’re all born the same, it’s about luck and environment and how HARD you WORK. As the main factors for why one succeeds.

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I agree. I worked hard all my life and have a great outcome. I am not rich famous or such. But i succeeded to have a convenient comfortable life.

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Maybe my delusions of fame are the only reason I’d ever wanna be famous. But now, it’s like, I’m comfortable not being famous for now, but maybe one day if I got really good and worked really hard it would be a cool endeavor to be somewhat famous and stuff. :thinking:

I really understand hiphop music soooo much better than as a kid or when I started rapping songs. I like to call myself “a student to the game”. Cuz I study study study. Listen to lyrics, interviews, advice, whatnot on how to do it. And I grind, I hustle.

I just think to be something like a rapper,who is good at least, you gotta put AT LEAST ten years of hard work before you get your finished craft. Some finished crafts will be better than others but they all will seem “finished” rather than lazy like I feel mine does right now.

Hint you’re never truly finished though. Art is always getting better, evolving, changing for the individual, just like any other job. Until you get to a point you burn yourself out I guess.


It is great when you can make an income with your art.

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Not to mention how great an outlet it can be for mental health. But it’s also a constant struggle. Can’t lie about that. If you make it your goal you’re gonna struggle for a while no matter who you are I feel.

Van Gogh wasn’t born a genius

he was just an average sketch artist

it was revolutionary for him when he discovered color


I’m pretty sure I’m at a disadvantage because I started being creative very late in life all things considered. My first poem I ever wrote I was 18 years old. 28 now. Really only ever did spoken word poetry when I was 23 or 24. So yeah I’m at a disadvantage but if I stay persistent for a long time it could be good.

Van Gogh cut off his ear didn’t he?

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he was drinking with one of his only friends

and the guy pissed him off

so he almost cut the guy’s ear off.


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