Mums comment has made me feel bad

I had a great day then a bad day today.

It started well - I guy I know came round with a guitar he wanted to sell to me. One of those hollow body electric ones like BB Kings. I bought it for my dads Christmas. I know he will love it.

Anyway the guy then invited me to go to the pub for a few drinks to seal the deal. I went and had a good time. Anyway later on I bumped into my mum and she had a go at me. Saying people will report me to the government for getting drunk in the pub. She implied I shouldn’t be seen spending money in a pub or people will talk and I will get in trouble (am not working at the moment).

This is the first real drink I have had in years so am a bit pissed off at my mum.

■■■■ now I think the government will be reading this post! Don’t think I am feeling well.


You’re always your Mom’s kid no matter what age. She was just looking out for your well being. Nothing more to it than that. Don’t go overboard sweating about this one. :wink:


I mean I can appreciate tax paying people will not like me drinking. But first drink in years!?

You’re an adult! You can drink whatever you want, regardless of your economic situation.

I’ve been in between jobs before in my life, and I still went to the Pub with my buddies. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this one if I were you.

Your Mom was probably more concerned about that ‘first drink in years’…not wanting you to slide down a bad path…etc.

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Thanks Patrick. I think it is just because there is a strong anti welfare sentiment in the uk at the moment. Really upsets me at times - makes me feel guilty if I enjoy myself.


Just be yourself. Forget about what the neighbors think. I was jobless for months at a time during my life.

Sht happens. Nobody has walked in your shoes so fck em!


Didn’t you say your doctor prescribed going to the pub to socialise? I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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You have the right to go out and socialize - I wouldnt worry, its your right!

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Yeah come to think of it he did expressly prescribed me to go out and try to socialise - I forgot about that.

Think maybe the alcohol junked about my brain a little. Had three glasses and was drunk cos I hadn’t drunk in years. Think I will lay off the alcohol.

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Mums can’t help being mums. Just humor her.

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This :point_up_2: ( some parents never stop transferring their own frustrations into their kids. Have mercy for yourself: mothers are not always right).


Well if her ‘being mum’ actually drives me insane and makes me feel like worthless piece of garbage, I would ask her to stop being mum, thanks.

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■■■■. Now I can’t sleep and I keep hearing my name being mentioned outside.

By that I mean there are real people outside talking together but when I feel bad I hear them saying ■■■■ like “oh his beds on the far side of the room” etc.

I just started seroquel last week so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

That sucks. Nobody calls your name though.
I bet that your subconsciously feeling guiltiness for doing the ‘wrong thing’ according to your mum.
I hope it will pass soon. ( you should call your doctor if it makes you overly upset)

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Thanks @Sarad

I think guilty is the word. I feel guilty about having moments of joy whilst actively claiming welfare. Kinda like I don’t deserve happiness at the “taxpayers” expense.

You are also right about mums. Mine can occasionally tap into my propensity for guilt to get me to feel bad about stuff. I love her with all my heart but sometimes I think she takes out the frustrations she had with her dad (who was bipolar) on me.

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Well understanding that is a half way to overcoming it!
( I feel sorry for all the people out there who never stop trying to make their parents satisfied with them. Including myself.)
You deserve joy and happiness!

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Statistically, if people work on their mental health while unemployed, they are more likely to find employment again and stop being on welfare. So if anyone gives you crap, just tell them socialization is an important part of positive mental health, and you’re focused on recovery.

My mom loves making me feel guilty for random things too. I’ve just learned to go, “Okay mom, think what you want,” and just end the conversation. I used to obsess over the things she said I was doing “wrong” but now I just laugh and go about my day.

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This is just a guess but I think the government allows you to have fun occasionally.
But please don’t do something as stupid as I did and I became addicted to crack with the governments money.


your mum is talking rubbish…
no one is watching you…
you are safe :heart:
take care :alien:

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