Not sure how i feel about today

today I had a bit of an argument with my mum it was horrible really. the wind is playing havoc with my voices went charity shopping today and there was a drunk guy in there they were trying to get rid of you could smell the alchol a mile off.
when I was an an alcoholic I thought when people said they could smell it on you they were being cryptic haha nope.
im having a clean and sober drama free xmas.
this forum really helps me so many kind people here.

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I have a friend who is always drinking. He comes over to my house drunk and drinks more then drives again. It’s ■■■■■■ up. I was responsible alcoholic when it came to driving- I never drove or went out in public drunk.

that’s sad it becomes a bad habit and it gets out of control really quickly
hes got to want to gt sober its up to him.

yep. He’s had a rough breakup and flunked out of school in the past year. He’s back in school now but not really trying. Oh well.

I thought I was being a responsible drunk when I made my 10 to 11 year old kid sis be my designated driver. She used to have sit on a phone book so she could see over the wheel. I have no idea how she reached the peddles. But hey… I wasn’t driving.

When I think of the stuff I used to justify when I was in the thick of my drinking/drug days during my onset, I’m surprised either of us got out alive.

And the three men I admare the most the father son and the hole ghost, they cought the last train for the cost.

Seams like the boose comes out on xmas around here to both my son and his roomate are drinking at there house me I am running a sick friend to the med shop for meds

Well you did and you don’t use drugs or alcohol now! My psychologist tells me its a wonder i didnt develop a stomach ulcer or something like that. I was super alky, like I could outdrink EVERYONE by far. It made me popular, I was the “crazy workout guy” who could drink like a madman. I enjoyed the alcoholic lifestyle as long as there was alcohol around, lol!