Went to a bar today - got a lecture about its unfair how some people have to work everyday and others get to sit in bars

Won’t be going back.

Reminds me of cheers

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Did the bartender lecture you or the patron?

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everybody doesn’t know your name

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The bartender - what a buzzkill

Doesn’t said bartender just sit in a bar all day. Okay he stands too.


I had to work today :stuck_out_tongue: lol


What’s the guy’s problem? Is he trying to get the place shut down? He’s probably like that with everyone. I bet the bar was empty.


Yeah the bar was empty :joy:


Ya why would he say that, if it isn’t for his patrons, he’d have no job and be sitting drinking away his sorrows in a different bar.


omg, way to lose a customer, what a jackass!


He is notoriously grumpy


On a more serious side, I live in a small village. There is a general sentiment around that I am not welcome in the bar cos I don’t work. I don’t even drink alcohol - just Diet Coke. I try to go out to make friends as I get lonely. But I won’t be making any friends there.

Ugh. People. :unamused: Screw 'em. You know you don’t have to defend yourself to jerks.


Man, as Buggs Bunny would say “what a marooon”

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People sometimes love to jump to conclusions and assume you are drinking alcohol at the pub spending tax payers money.

Even if you did …they may not understand.
When I had voices they stopped when I was drunk but other mischief happened so I do not drink alcohol either.

I used to Have difficulties going out.
It was horrid.

They kind of said I was not welcome anywhere cause my body n person does not work.
Nazi like values it seems .
Even grocery shopping they said or going out of apartment.
The voices back when I had them said I am too ugly to go outside and be seen.

It can take strength to stand for your right to go out and even visit a pub despite not working.

It can be very difficult to feel the people there are saying you are not welcome and going anyway and saying yes I am it is my legal right.

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That’s not right. Luckily i live in crowded area where ppl dont know who u r. U r strong inside tho, noone can take that away.

The thing is they usually succeed.

If they make you feel unwelcome with bad atmosphere and attitude and hostile nasty energy then it might feel so unpleasant for you to be there when you feel unwelcome that you might rather not go just so you do not have to endure such behaviour or for you to feel uncomfortable.

Even if you think it’s your right to go there it can take a lot to go to a place that makes you feel that way.

Is there another pub you can take your money too?

A pub that will treat you with respect and as a valued customer …

Another pub in a nearby area might get your cash instead and the other pub will lose that money then.

I’m sorry we get treated in such ways way to often .

I’m sorry that you had a bad day @Jimbob.
My day was shitty because my caseworker was having a bad day and decided to unload on me.
Life isn’t fair and is schizophrenics seem to get dumped on all of the time.

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Was this person in the bar at the same time you were???
Aside from that, you’re a patron of the bar, keeping it in business like every other customer in there. Where your money comes from is nobody’s business.
Go wherever you want…it’s your world too.

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