Mum won't allow a dog under this roof

Says if I get one i will dump the responsibility on her. I will wait until I move out which is within 2 years. Then I will get a puppy or a rescue dog… i honestly cannot wait :smiley:


Rescue dogs and pups are great!!! I usually prefer a housetrained, well mannered dog, and nowadays, I find it easier not to deal with that myself, so if it were me, I’d go for a dog someone has to get rid of (but isn’t SELLING), or better yet, a dog that’s fostered by a rescue so they can tell me about personality and training. I like certain breeds, but there are breed rescue for most types.


I’d really like a maltipoo, a mini golden doodle or a yorkipoo…

Well, you might not find breed rescues for those as they are all mixes, but I’m if you look around, you can find something like that in a general rescue.

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I agree with this. I got my dog from a rescue that kept dogs in foster homes. My dog had been severely abused, and they helped him trust again. He’s the perfect little doggy who loves to snuggle.

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It doesn’t have to be these breeds of course… We will see as we near the time.

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Haha wow it looks like a toy!


My last Australian Shepherd passed away in the fall. I’ve been thinking about eventually getting another dog, but I’m not ready. Still, it’s weird to not have a dog in the house. I had a single dog for about two months when I bought my first house 19 years ago, then got a second, then third… Mojo was the only dog that I had by herself, and she was only by herself for about a year and a half. Even that was weird- just having one. But now, none? It’s abnormal.

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What breed is that @beep? Looks like the golden doodle to me.

Yeah I googled it and had to post one!

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I like the mini golden doodle so adorable…

Build dog house on top of roof. Then doggo allowed above roof​:relaxed::relaxed:

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Wait, what will happen in two years?
And how come you already have plans for two years ahead? I don’t even know what I’m gonna do next week.

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I’m not ready right now but I may get another small dog.
No large breeds for me.

Large dogs, especially labs take up to 3 years to fully mature.

I may purchase a Boston Terrier.


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My partner currently has a house outside the city. He will have paid it off by the end of 2023 which is when we can start looking for a place round here.

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