Multiple sclerosis


I have some conditions developing alongside my brain disorder. They include numbness, tingling and sharp pain in hands and foots; headache and dizziness; chronic fatique; lack of physical strength; feeling weak generally; and cognitive change. For a few months my leg was cramped and i cannot walk. I have a psychosis, but i am not quite paranoid and delusional.

When I checked about my symptoms, it often comes up with a suggestion of multiple sclerosis instead of schizophrenia. I wonder what should I do.


go and get tested for it hunni. that’s the only way ull know for sure. good luck. xxx


Make a list of what you are feeling and take it do your doctor. Sometimes looking things up online can cause un-necessary worry.


Looking illnesses up on-line is not a good activity for a person like me. I was convinced my sis had Cancer, Heartworms and Parvovirus all at once when she had a cold last year.


It is understood that,the schizophrenia does not causing any organic symptoms or disease,
this is true,the organic disease and organic symptoms are arise after taking medication for long term
*numbness,tingling,sharp pain in hands and foot,headache,dizziness,chronic fatness,cramped cannot walking ARE organic symptoms that is irrelevant the schizophrenia
-Sz causing higher attention and waking /not numbness or dizziness
-Lack of physical strength+feeling weak generally is due to the LEVEL of sugar in the blood "WHATEVER THE CAUSE "
,but both of these symptoms are happen in the onset of sz specially BEFORE taking ANY medication which correct the level of general balance to its normal degree “almost”
-,but both of these symptoms can be occur in any time of life “if you have Sz already” if you go under
effectiveness of hearing the voices for long hours
-from other side, both of these symptoms are occur by different organic causes “sugar,blood pressure…etc” for someone have sz or not

-cognitive changes is the main features for the sz effectiveness that concomitance both of the above symptoms,that is to say, after the cognitive changes processes: you must feel lack of physical strength
and feeling weak generally "the slothful’ because you loss high quantity of sugar during the cognitive changes because it is occurs through inner vocal operation needing to high amount of sugar blood !

-if you take medication for long term,may be it is the cause of ORGANIC symptoms,so you can stop
taking medication for a while of time and see what is the results

-but some of these organic symptoms that you talking about is similar the symptoms of blood
high pressure/increasing of salts in blood or sugar
-The best thing that you do,make test for blood pressure/and blood contents “salts/sugar”


Thank you for replying.

I understand the current views is that sz is not related to any other physical symptoms. but in my experience, I do have a weak heart and metabolic or sugar related problems that goes hand in hand with my mental health disorder. My first sign of physical unwell at 16 includes racing heart. I experienced recurrent severe chest pain after my psychosis. I dont know if they are related to med. I do feel much better now that I’m off med. I have never any sleep problems prior to taking med.

I have a consistent low blood pressure. I feel a little unwell after taking sugar so I actually seldom do that.

I know many people with sz suffer from diabetes and heart disease without paying much attention to them. I wonder if we know enough about the nature of our brain disorder and our brain in general.