Medical condition in schizophrenic world


So I have went to the doctor for all my schizophrenic symptoms except for TMJ.
You see by going on with the symptoms and nagging about them at home wasn’t going to get me cured. So I’ve decided to go to the doctor and get properly medicated for this. These are the Symptoms for this:

calcium deficiency


Did a dr tell you your sz? Did a dr tell you you’re bipolar? If you know your thoughts are delusional then they’re not delusions because you know it’s not real. If you’ve been diagnosed sz and are currently on antipsychotics then that’s when you can recognize your thoughts don’t seem real and you can see what reality is.


glad you are going to see a dr about this now, it sounds pretty crappy but its ok, there are still things they can do to help :slight_smile:


Yep that’s how I got meds for all of them. Doctors told me my symptoms.

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How is it crappy mrhappy I was fighting to know my symptoms in a hospital ER. Almost all the time I had them, and Mr. should be capitalized btw.


i’m saying the symptoms are crappy is all, nobody wants to suffer


That sucks that you have so much going on. I do too so I know what it feels like.


That all sounds very hard. I hope you receive the support you’re looking for!


That’s not necessarily true. You can know that something sounds crazy or delusional to others, or even yourself, but still believe it to be true.

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My pdoc said otherwise. But maybe your pdoc and mine disagree. I’m not trying to argue with you by saying that so I hope you’re not offended


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Did you edit your comment or something? Why would I be offended? Yes they probably just disagree. It’s a grey area really. Maybe it depends on how sick you are. Or like religion sort of, like “I know you don’t believe, but I do.”


No I didn’t edit it, but I didn’t want to upset you by stating another opinion. I’m glad I didn’t :slight_smile:


Oh God. Don’t tell me you’re part of it too. Is that an insult? I was being a grade a bi tch while I was having a rough time with stress and irritability, but I’ve apologized for it multiple times now and will not do so again. Additionally, while someone living in a delusion that I’m not living in is technically a difference in opinion, I refuse to support people’s delusional ideas in order to avoid an argument. Finally, if someone posts something on the forum as if it is a fact but they’re wrong, I’m not going to just sit and let them be wrong in order to avoid hurting the poster’s feelings while people come along and make decisions or whatever based on that wrong information.


I had no idea about any of that. I try not to offend anyone. I’m sorry it sounded like that. I have absolutely no knowledge of what you’re referring to. I’m sorry it happened to you though. I guess I just worry too much about what other people think. It’s hard to convey your true meaning via text too.


My psychiatrist has said to me that you can have some insight and be psychotic. As in theres some cognitive dissonance but you’re still confused. But without medication this insight will fade away.

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