Anyone have multiple sclerosis?

I’m 40 years old and was diagnosed as schizoeffective 20 years ago. I’ve been to the doctor numerous times with my symptoms and everything checks out with my blood work. Every time I go it’s for something different. After doing some reading the past couple of day I’m starting to wonder if I have MS.

I’ve been having bladder issues ever since I came down with schizophrenia. When I was diagnosed they never did a MRI. I was hearing voices at the time and they just said it was schizophrenia. The past couple of years I’ve been loosing control of my hands. Sometime when I do tasks with my hands it’s like I just can use them. I loose the ability to make a fist or a grip. I’ve also been having spinal pain the past 10 years or so. I didn’t know what to make of this stuff at first but it all seems to be adding up. I also have very bad nerves I tremble all the time and I get constant headaches.

Just wondering if anyone had some insight they could share with MS?

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there appears to be some correlation ship between schizophernia and multiple sclerosis in the sense
that some essential fattycids such as nervonic acid and alpha linoeic acid are less in the bodies of both cases .kindly check your fatty acids and see whether you have a defeciency in them.i did it from mayo clinic and found that i was defecient in them try flaxseeds in case of that

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