Movies that trigger

I usually try to stay far away from media because most of it really hurts my head. But the kid sis does have friends and though she does keep her social life out of the apartment, every once in a while, a friend or two will come over and watch a movie in her room. There is a movie called Requiem for a dream with lots of cut/glitch photography, hallucinations, uneven story telling, quick motion, it’s like a psychotic episode on film. That movie will set me off.

The man who did that movie did another one called Pi. Same ideas only instead of drugs this one was all points of reference, delusions, voices, HIs movies trigger the worst episodes in me. Panic and a feeling like I just need to jump out of my skin. I can feel the movie trying to crawl on me if that makes any sense. I have to take a bath after seeing his any of his work.

Do other people get set off by movies or what they see?

I’m with you, Disney is not a good thing. They really upset me. It’s that humor at others expense. Or the early movies like Dumbo or Bambi. Childhood trauma all the way.

I can take some movies like Amile? The french girl who helps people? Anne of Green Gables… I’m such a rated G nerd.

Violence, cussing, kidnapping… all bad and triggering.

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Ugh, those movies are really hard to watch. Anything with that kind of style, it’s just really uncomfortable. They’re well made, I’ve seen each once, and ONLY once. Jacob’s Ladder is another one I have trouble with.

I can’t even take documentaries. It just makes my delusions worse knowing there were more people who did this horrid stuff in real life.

I’m here in Seattle, it’s the home of both Ted Bundy and The Green River Killer. Those sort of killer documentary shows get to me to hard. My Aunt was a child hood friend to one of Ted Bundy’s victims. My kid sisters Law Professor was a young legal aid during the Bundy trial. Knowing how many people that man affected makes it hard for me to see other shows like that.

Did you make it all the way through Requiem for a dream? I could only take it in DVD 10 minutes at a time and I couldn’t even watch it at all half way through.

I don’t know what Jacob’s ladder is about. I’ll look it up.

… I just looked it up, there is NO way I’ll be able to watch it. War movies freak me out. I will have an episode. I have had episodes watching war movies. I’ll be pacing, yelling, freaking out. It will be ugly.

I have spent over half my life “Training” my younger siblings how to avoid kidnappers. I have a huge delusion about kidnappers. That show “gone without a trace” did NOT help me at all.
I used to show my kid siblings all the “missing” kids on milk cartons. I was really freaked out about human trafficking. I hate it when my kid sis goes out alone. Even during the day because kidnapping happen at day time too. It’s a very hard subject for me to get over.

I used to think we were being followed by kidnappers all the time. I even once thought our neighbors kidnapped my sister. They had her and wouldn’t let her come home. OK yes, it was just a slumber party. But I was wondering why this couple needed a house full of little girls. I tried to break in and take my sister back. My parents came and tried to calm me down and let my sis stay at the party.

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I did the dumbest thing about this topic once. There was this police warning about a new car jacking scam where car jackers put fliers on the back window of the car and when the driver gets out of the car to take the paper off, the car jacker jumps in the car and drives away.

I wanted to make sure my kid sister was being safe so I did this. I put a flier on her car and hid. If she got out for the paper, I was going to jump out of the bushes and jump in her car… training purposes only.

She walked to her car, stopped some feet away, I was rustling around in the bushes and she went back into her work and told the onsite cop what was going on. She didn’t know it was me. The cop came out, chaos and silliness happened, kid sis almost maced me. Cop almost arrested me. That was an odd lot of explaining. That was the end of her “training” The student surpassed the master.


The kid sis was cool about it. The cop how ever needed a little more convincing. He knows me well after that. I also work for the city too. He’s laughs about it now… Back then, not so much.

Any kind of horror movie, or disturbing documentary even, messes me up in the head. Comedies make me feel better. Watching the news doesn’t bother me. When I watch conspiracy theory stuff on youtube it messes with my head quite a bit.

Horror movies are out for me too. Conspiracy stuff will get to me too quick as well. I read so much just because I can’t handle most of what’s on T.V. I’m a channel 9 online fan. America’s test kitchen, This old house, food network if there is no screaming. Even then after only 10 minutes or so, I’m edgy and needed to get away.

I made it through, but never again. It was the most uncomfortable movie I’ve ever watched, especially toward the end. You’re better off not seeing how it ends.

Have you ever seen “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?”

No death, but the hallucination scenes get to me too.

Nope, never have. I’ll remember not to, if it’s like that.

Is it close to 6 am where you are? Just wondering. I’m starting to fall asleep and it’s only 15 till 10:00 p.m. I’ve been turning into a little old man.

Have a good evening or morning.

It’s only quarter past 1 here, there’s not THAT much of a time difference between us! I took my meds already, and I’m starting to nod off, so sleep isn’t that far away. Good night!

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The one movie that always triggers me is Girl Interrupted, about a group of girls in a psych hospital. I’ve tried to watch it with friends 4-5 times, and I’ve never made it through.

The last time I tried to watch it, back in 2006, I ended up running out of my friends apartment and driving around for hours trying to escape the feelings of insanity. I ended up at the beach where a cop stopped me and started asking questions.

An hour later, I was involuntarily held in a psych hospital myself. Thankfully, the supervising psychiatrist let me out the next morning.

So, obviously, I haven’t tried to watch that movie again!


I already knew I wouldn’t be able to watch that one. I’ve never seen it. I bet it’s triggering. Any movie like that is for me.

Drug scenes are too much. Hallucination scenes are too much, psych ward scenes always make me think of my time in hospital and how horrid that was. I’m stuck on a limited media diet of PBS on line.
This old house, America’s test kitchen, etc… That’s what I can take. Everything else makes me feel really ill.

the turman show cant watch it dont want to.
and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind i just dont get it lol

I almost forgot about that. :smile:

You forget, I work for the city too. I got the same memo about the scam.

All kinds of horror movies trigger me - so do psychological thrillers, especially when they are violent and graphic

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