Movie/tv/cinema recommendations? (that don't trigger)

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following on from this post about tv i thought we could share what things that we watch that are considered safe, things like genres or particular programmes that you watch and you would consider safe,

i find it extremely hard to watch tv despite how hard i try but i am hoping something will stand out that i could try and watch without getting weird feelings.

things i consider safe are-

  • big bang theory,
  • top gear
  • game shows like tipping point or the chase (even though the are complete rubbish)

can’t think of anything else :frowning:


It’s easier to think of what causes triggers…


i think it use to be worse (the paranoia i mean)

think it started with a bit of paranoia,

but i may be wrong

I think the internet is much more toxic tbh. Mind you to much escapism of any kind be it books, music, videos, games, TV, movies, drugs, alcohol etc etc etc isn’t good for anyone. As usual it’s all about balance.

Btw I always get you two confused. @Resilient1 @dreamscape. I know you are very different people and I try very hard, but the names seem to occupy the same space in my mind.

i use to get paranoid about others here too, esp when their were trolls on the old forums with multiple accounts,

i have only got one account and i have always been known as daydreamer here and always will be,

i have no intention of starting any other accounts,

so pls try not to worry about it

Lol I never thought you were the same people. Just have to always manually be like. That was daydreamer not dreamscape. Or invert that.

I get confused on a few people here also. Mind you I’m useless with names. Seems to get worse as I age as well.

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the internet seems to be safe for me mostly, i have a macbook now so not many threats,

the real threat is someone stealing your details which happened to me at the start of the year when someone hacked my paypal account for about £500, luckily it was refunded but it could really have messed things up for me,

so i have changed my passwords and things on my bank and paypal accounts now,

i never thought that would happen.

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I like sappy anime, BBC’s Sherlock (it plays on PBS Masterpiece Theater here), Downton Abbey, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Big Lebowski. For now, that’s all I can list.

Triggers are different for each person. As a general rule, stay away from excessive violence or tension. Try different genres and see what works best for you.

I closed the bank account that was linked to PayPal. So they can’t take from that.
Then I can just pay by credit card that has protections.

But how did you get hacked @daydreamer ?
Scary stuff.

Impractical Jokers - one of my favorite TV shows. So funny

i think i signed into a phoney site with my password and thats how they did it but that is just a guess.

those are the most triggering things for me @levelJ1

the practical jokes are too much for me,

i hate practical jokes bc most of them are not funny. (no offence)

we have been watching older t.v. shows on netflix like the addams family and flipper. gilligan’s island.

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lol , its ok .

is it a trigger because you think that people might be playing jokes on you?

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When I was on a low dose of risperidal and psychotic I thought what happened on an episode of south park actually happened in real life. I won’t go into details but I was really confused the next day.

I do have a difficult time watching tv. I try not to set off any triggers. I try to avoid them. I am a great fan of movies and I used to go a lot to the movie theaters just about weekly and yes, I watched a lot of television too. I have to say that I watch documentaries and television on Youtube I like romance comedy and movies about sz and game show are fun. You can always watch kid friendly movies, true stories that are inspirational. Educational channels are great, reality shows. Talk shows are good too. I really like BBC television.

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I watch old sitcoms usually and the news to get the weather. Some of the modern shows are too violent and graphic and make terrible noises in my head. There is the show that is supposed to come on the Hallmark channel on Saturday night; The Good Witch. I am going to try to watch it. I saw an ad during the Kitty Super Bowl which my cat and I watched Feb 1 and the cat was precious. I am hoping it is just light entertainment with no violence and terror to enter my fragile mind; especially when I try to sleep. You just have to watch stuff that makes you feel good and doesn’t hurt you. I did watch PBS for awhile; but, it started to hurt my brain, too. Sometimes, there are wholier than thou. I went on a western kick for a while; but, the guns and violence soon got to me, also. The tv you choose to watch should be as comforting as the chocolate milk you drink!

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I like movies about heroic journeys and/or mental illnesses