Triggers - not only TV but books too

I remember some time back on here some members posted that the TV is a trigger for their symptoms and so they don’t watch TV. But now I found it can be the same for some books as well. I was reading so many good exciting novels, but suddenly as I was reading one of them, I stopped, thinking that this novel is triggering me, because it has evil characters in. The evil characters have dialogue, displaying their evil thoughts and actions to the reader, and my inner monster and intrusive thoughts get fed on that evil, so I can’t bear to read the novels anymore. I start getting thoughts from the book’s characters placed and inserted into my head into the database of the alien monster up there. TV is bad enough with its violence, now books I have to be careful of, too. I have to find reading material that doesn’t have evil thoughts written in it, maybe like a biography or memoir or non-fiction, or children’s books. It’s a challenge for me to avoid feeding the monster.

Any others found books can also be a trigger?


Any book, TV movie, movie, that deals with horror or dark twisted violence will be a trigger for me.
I remember watching the movie Shelter Island and this movie triggered me

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That movie did me in too! I walked out of the theater with barely a tenuous grasp on my symptoms and my sense of reality.

Now I try to research movies a little more, to get a sense of their violent or twisted content, before seeing them.




I wouldn’t call books a trigger, but I have read some books where it seems they are prophesying about things in my life or certain subjects are exactly parallel to things I have experienced. Most are in the fantasy/horror and science fiction genre. I have found myself writing in pen next to the word fiction, "NON’… and writing “true” in the margins where events have been true in my life. Dean Koontz and Stephen King have seen things. I have seen things on the Dead Zone tv show (based on Stephen Kings novel by the same name) that have really happened to me & my wife.
I had Elves from Tolkiens books speak to me and tell me things before I ever read the books…
I don’t think it triggers anything, it’s just a fascinating synchronicity.

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I’ve had it where content doesn’t matter, just the words themselves seem to speak to me. I’ve even read meanings into the Bible before. That was actually kind of a reality check for me because I knew it couldn’t have been written ‘for me’ so to speak. I mean by the government or whoever. In a more psychotic state though, who knows what I’d of thought.

The Bible was written between 1900 and about 3000 years ago so it wasn’t the government, LOL… we can let them off the hook on this one !
The Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit so it was given for me and you and anyone else who reads it if they are open to receiving it.

2 Timothy 3:16 - 17 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.’ - Psalm 119:11… 11:11

I’ve been doing well but just the other day I got hit with a massive trigger from an unlikely source. I was listening to music on Youtube, old 80’s stuff. I saw “Fame” by Irene Cara. I hadn’t heard that song in forever so I clicked on it.

It was played a lot during a time when I was particularly ill and the lyrics, as innocent as they are, really struck me as a trigger. I won’t go into details of exactly why it triggered me but it touched on immortality, heaven, and such. The combination of lyrics and just the old memories flooding back really bothered me. I had a really rotten day after listening to it.

i used to think the that the bible was written by western governments and sent back through time as a form of population control. i thought the book of islam was written also to destabilise the middle east so that they wouldn’t become a super power. that’s my two pennies worth anyway.

There is a theory that the ark of the covenant was an alien communication device, and that’s why lightning came out of it and destroyed people who got too close or disrespected it.
Also, Enoch who was ‘translated’ and was not found for God took him was actually taken in an interdimensional craft, a smaller version of what Ezekiel saw, and also described when Elijah is transported by the chariot and whirlwind…
These craft are very real and I am quite familiar with them…
These are 2 separate interdimensional craft and each has a separate mission though were working together…

Let’s keep this about triggers please, otherwise the thread is going to end up in the unusual beliefs category.

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the religious texts were triggers for me xxx

Triggers are everywhere, which makes things kind of unpredictable. I was half way through a Netflix series, my goto for anxiety, saw one look in someone’s eye and was drowned with dread and more anxiety. :expressionless:

I also have to be careful with new books… Some of the plot twist thrillers and true crimes make me ill. I can understand a book being triggering.

I like light hearted comedy reading. As far as movies? I have to be really careful with them… I had an episode in a theater once… it was really bad. (for me… my girlfriend at the time didn’t even notice me flipping out and hiding in the bathroom until almost closing.)

It takes very little in the way of movies, shows, to set me off. I HATE yelling and shouting. It really upsets me. Seeing people get picked on? No. Blood? No. Violence? No. Guns? No… there are a lot of movies I will never go see.

Sometimes just family stress, and older song, or some spots in my city will also trigger me… bring back a flash of memory… make me crave a drink… it’s surprising what will set me off some days.

I’ve found that I’m becoming a lot more sensitive to shows and movies.

Shows that I used to love and watch avidly, like 24 and Law and Order, now trigger me. So I’ve had to stop watching them.

Now, I basically watch only comedies. I cant even handle action, let alone violence or fighting.

But with all the comedies I watch, I’m in a much more positive mood now!



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I think part of it was I grew up on Channel 9.

My parent’s were cutting corners of 5 kids by not getting cable… so I was never normally exposed to any of those shows anyway. So now they really upset me to no end. I might be hyper sensitive from the get go.

While other guys were watching the crypt master and other blood stuff… I was watching This Old House and Rick Steve’s travels. Or just not watching T.V. Plus, I was hanging with a toddler little bro and sis… there was a lot of “Thomas the tank engine” in my past.

I think you’re lucky to not have grown up with that kind of content! If I had kids, there’s no way I’d let them watch today’s stuff.

I remember being 5 years old and my mom letting me stay up to watch Stephen King’s “It” (about the monster killer clown). And it freaking TERRIFIED me for months lol.



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I am so sorry you ended up watching that.

That would have done it… I almost read the book, but my sis told me a bit of the content… No thank you…

My slightly younger brother did a really horrid thing when my sis was little… he took her to a midnight horror fest… I have NO idea how he snuck her in… but she was 6 or 7 when she got taken to “Silence of the Lambs” and “cutting moments”

She slept in my bed with a huge metal flashlight for weeks and weeks.

She’s not into slash and gore either. I do know my sis will watch old BBC. She’s all about 1970- 80 British comedy. Black Adder, Mr. Bean, Keep up appearances is in our DVD drive a lot.

Ok… I admit… I love that old stuff too. Monty Python and up.

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the movie that really sent me over the edge in the theater was an art house showing of “Johnny got his gun” Oh MAN that horrid.

My girlfriend at the time was on Acid and I stupidly smoked some blunts before I went in. Oh so stupid of me.

Oh that is such cool stuff! I looooove Rowan Atkinson shows!!! Especially Mr Bean and The Thin Blue Line. Keeping Up Appearances is also very funny.

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Are you being served? Allo, Allo, Keeping Up Appearances. Love those shows. :smile: