Movies that trapped you into a delusion

Just watched insidious recently.
My “voices” took every opportunity to drop me into the storyline of that one.
Thankfully, they haven’t pushed the issue too much!

The scene in Silence of the Lambs where the guard is found eviscerated and hung by the cage used to trigger me pretty bad. But I couldn’t look away.


We can never seen to look away.

Armageddon was pretty bad for me, but I was getting caught up in everything. Even books would trigger it. It was awful for a while.

How about The Manchurian Candidate ( 2004 ), did that bug anybody.

The Truman Show by Jim Carrey. I thought I was somewhat in similar case.


oh, what - nobody is following the white rabbit? I am disappointed - I was for sure everybody is going to be like - ‘Matrix’ - yeap - me too
Fine - I will say it - ‘Matrix’

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I once watched ‘Natural Born Killers’ after smoking some weed. That was a bad day.

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My brother who is one year younger then me took my 5 year old sister to a cult showing of Silence of the Lambs. She was freaked out for months.

yeah I thought I was brainwashed like them for a while after watching that

Thats exactly what I believed was going on to me- that was my primary delusion!

…white rabbit indeed!

the horse whisperer…
did it for me, couldnt get out of the cinema… and it was so long…

Apocalypto did me in - I was there

so your an actor?, or very, very old?

There - one honest dude - Thank you!

Dude, love Apocalypto! Don’t like Mel Gibson - can’t stand his Jesus thing - literally - I had to leave the theater - like - oof, this is some heavy ■■■■. But Apocalypto rocks

@alias How hilarious, no what i meant was that my delusions brought me over to that era and it made very grandiose-delusional. I wasn’t being literal

@crazy2 Yeah that movie was intense - I dont like him either

ah yes nothing beats the feeling off an mob of angry, violent, narrow minded mayans behind you…