Computer game recommendations for people with sz

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fallowing on from how much tv you watch to what kinds of things you watch on tv that doesn’t trigger i was hoping to talk about computer games,

i was wondering what people play online for fun (if anything)?

i have been looking at a couple of mmorpg such as guildwars but i am not sure, i also wanted to check out an old game called maze war which i use to play and it was pretty cool.

i wish there was something out there that i could do that makes me feel good apart from this site and Facebook

so what games do you play and what would you recommend?


I have not seen these games since the 1980s. Basically you move in a virtual environment by answering questions the game gives you. There is some objective that needs to be achieved. It is all verbal because during those times graphics were not so good as these are today.

This is probably going to sound really bad, but I like playing deadpool. He has voices too, and even though his are more for comic relief, it helps, ya know?

I like also computer board games such as Shogi, Chess, Chinese Chess and others. Unfortunately I have not had enough energy to play these for many years, but when I did these games helped to maintain my mind.

Many years ago I also developed a triangle board game. This was on paper and not programmed. Computer game industry is big and will be bigger in the future. Who still remembers those computer games on tapes that had to be loaded into the computer using just a C-tape player.

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When I cut back on my tv and movies because of the triggers, I really just went all out on games on apps. I use my Kindle a lot. I’m a huge fan of apps and I really recommend brain games such as Einstein and brain wars, board games, brain teasers, trivia, cubic games, Tetris, art applications are fine, photography apps, Amazon has a lot of free apps and rates them. There are free brain games online, brain teasers, puzzles, mystery games, I like diner dash, monopoly, photo editor online, you can add art and collage to your photos,

Call of duty?

No no only joking. Nintendo are selling their Wii u at a good price. Personally I’ve got my eye on the new 3ds , 3d is supers stable. Nintendo have a lot of games , that are interesting.

Try these they are fun you can play with your photos on here

I play Dota 2,it’s a nice game but I mainly play Fifa 15,I like football including its game

Nba jam was the only sports game I’ve ever played enough to get good at. It’s quick simple gameplay is nice and relaxing. The PS3/360 version was one of the rare games that lives up to the legacy…

Guess your talking about pc games…
I hear civilization 5 is good.
Age of empires 3 is also good and pretty cheap. It’s card system adds a lot of replay value.

I check of good old games. They have a very cheap and expansive catalogue to browse through. It almost rivals steam but they have no client side software. I like steam for managing what’s installed and what’s not. You never have to worry about losing a copy of a game or download codes or anything. Sign in once and it’s all automatic from there.

If only pc games were better.

I think I might get a copy of doa5… Eye candy aside its a pretty good fighter.

I play world of Warcraft and dota 2 I find shooting games bad for my sz


Fpss are very intense. I like single player games. RPGs you can take your time and explore things at your own pace. Mmos are really difficult. They count on people playing for months on end if not years to get anything done.

i use to love command and conquer but now it just seems silly,

i really like fighting games like tekken or street fighter but only in a two player against another person, and i like racing games esp rally but it has to be against a person or a flying racing game maybe as a two player,

i used to like playing the shooting games like asteroids its like a space shooter,

chess is really good and i love pictionary and scrabble,

pool is ok and poker sometimes (but i am rarely in the mood, maybe if there was like a leader board and competitions then i might play more and with poker as well.

i love competitions with leaderboards and some sort of incentive to play like maybe an award or pretend money that you could spend on special features within the game like if it was pool you could get a lighter cue or poker maybe a glass of brandy lol (makes a difference i think)

Diablo 2 I love that game.

If you like mmorpgs have you played Tera yet? It’s online and to this day still my most favorite mmo. Also basic things like Skyrim or Fable. (Those are another couple of my favorites-Fable 2 was the best in my opinion)

Currently I’m playing two different farming sim games (because I’m a HUGE nerd-and I find it oddly soothing), harvest moon lost valley and shepherds crossing 2 (which is…morbid harvest moon literally, where it’s realistic traditional farming, and animals double as a food source! Vs hm more cartoonish, cutesy farming) For anyone who likes simulators, Harvest Moon is a series I would definitely recommend, and Rune Factory is great too, because it acts as a farming sim AND rpg, really addictive.

Also still working on Pokemon Omega Ruby. That’s a nostalgia trip :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen ads for some games that probably wouldn’t be so good…mainly fantasy role play type games…the ads talk about ruling the world, being a Lord or king or goddess, domination, winning the war, destroying enemies…
Then again they might be ok for some as long as the game doesn’t become part of your life outside the game.
The games themselves seem to be based on someones grandiosity…they are all about power,many have a modern military theme, others have ancient stuff with warlords and sorcery…

yeah i get fed up with the usual stab and slash stuff, i find it boring

i need something more personal like a two player battle on a leader board or something, playing pool, or poker or a driving or fighting game