In my new apartment

Finally made it.

But I’m sort of in a full blown relapse. Voices constantly. Telepathy from the neighbors already.

Man you guys should hear my voices. They are pretty ■■■■■■■ terrible. Pretty much numb to it. I know that once I get all my ■■■■ set up here I’ll be comfortable. Will be going to get in with the doctors and get on a new Ned once my insurance kicks in. Respiridone has totally crapped out.

In reality these people don’t know me. It feels like everyone knows everything about me immediately.

Maybe things will calm down on there own here in a couple hours. It’s a new place.

It’s obvious this ■■■■ just can’t be real. I still play with it in my mind but if everyone were this evil to all agree that this needs to be done to me. Well yeah that’d be pretty ■■■■■■ up.

Within the next couple hours people should be here to activate the services.



Very spacey house,looks nice to be living alone…you can get some furniture to fill up the spaces haha

Yeah that’s probably the only photo I’ll post. Can’t wait for the utility folks to come and turn everything on. I need some sleep pretty bad.

The property managers were rated pretty lowly but so far they have been pretty good and helpful.

Gotta move everything in, before that gotta fill out an walk through evaluation and turn that in.

Will be pretty busy over the next couple days, but I can move at my own pace starting with little things before I get the truck.

Looks nice and new. Do you have air conditioning already installed? (I’m asking because of the two openings on the walls.) Hope you settle in well, the voices are there because you’re under stress, as you learn to know your neighbors and greet them in the hallway they will quiet down hopefuly. Should be nice when you move all the furniture in. :smiley:

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All the best to you @SoitGoes - good luck with your new place! Looks pretty cool


Congratulation on the move and knowing that it’s most likely the upheaval that is causing the head circus to amp up. Your right… your neighbors don’t know you and most likely don’t even know your there yet… good your fighting off the telepathy.

I am always a mess on moving day. The stress of it… the motion… the hurry hurry rush… trying to untangle the mess and put my life in boxes and then out of boxes… IT always scrambles my head… It’s great to have my own place… moving day is a positive thing…

But I still end up completely head scrambled… last one took a week after the boxes were gone to finally have my brain settle down.

Good luck and I’m glad you got to do this.

It looks a little bare - do you have a teddy bear to hang on to? Best wishes for you, SoitGoes.

Looks like it’s got both central and a wall unit for air conditioning. There is a crack in the window. Which I’ll note on the move in evaluation. I don’t really care though. Gotta get some thick blinds so people can’t see in here. This window looks like it’d be pretty easy to break into. I’ll have to figure out what to do about that.

It’ll be bare for now.

Do you have food and money?

Yeah… For now. Well not yet. I’m gonna make the move as smooth as possible. No rush. It should be pretty easy to manage.

Moving is stressful. It could have set you off. My symptoms get more vicious if I’m alone…

I hope this blows over for ya. It’s cool you’re finally moved in!

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Im happy for you.
Take care

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about that window you need to fix…cut a piece of wood that fits perfectly between the top of the window that moves and the top of the window that is at the very top. this prevents people from breaking in…I hope that makes sense on what to do.?

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking I’ll do. I’ll get some plywood.


Nice place man! I live with my parents

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I really enjoy moving into a place.

The people don’t know nothing 'bout you man

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Yeah man it’s crazy though anyways. Lots of stomping and ■■■■.

I hate that neighbour’s telepathy
almost as bad as a pretty normal day gets, although it comes in phases, doesn’t it?\

I am so happy to hear that you want to change meds, phase one in one out if you can!!

don’t leave yourself unmedicated or take yourself off

although when i say pretty normal - its a bit beyond that