Mother thought I was a bad person

It used to make me feel desperate. Now I know that nothing I could have said or done would have changed her mind. I must just know to myself that I am a good person before any more of her crap comes true.

I’m sorry to hear that chordy. But the previous generation and some of this generation I guess used to say to the child ‘you’re bad’ instead of saying ‘you’re behaving badly’. You’re not bad.

Parents are just people and they can screw up. That’s why you have 2 so that at least one is normal. Or they can balance each other out.
I would tell my son, take the best of us and leave the rest.

I used to worry that doctors thought of me.
Well they are people too that can be wrong.
You are free to remain a good person and don’t hang onto bad chains. Break free.

How old was your mother when she had you and do you have any brothers or sisters born before you?

Yeah, I was just thinking the other day that our parents (for most of us, I assume) were never parents before so they might be worried all their lives that somehow they screwed things up for you. I don’t want my parents to think that they are responsible and guilty because they were both still so young when they got married and it was their first time ever that they were to become parents of the four of us. It might be important to let them know that it was not their fault or yours alone because like I’ve read somewhere.“This Life is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing and we get one shot at it”. I myself, don’t necessarily believe that, but it may be true.

My mother was 36 and there were siblings before me. If there is a cause behind that it would be that I was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Yeah, I think my older brother was a little demon while my mother was taking care of my year older then me sister. I could just imagine what was happening and the new year was coming on fast and the doctor said he wanted to go on vacation for the new year. Man talk about getting shuffled to the rear. hahahahaa. I think that Now I finally know why my mother hates Christmas time, because I was born two days afterwards. But I am still having a blast with this whole experience of a life anyway and just count my blessings everyday.

Because she was The Most Important Person in Our Lives when we were little, we often see her as that for the rest of our lives.

Likewise, if we believed that Mother Was Always Right when we were little, we may believe she was always right when we’re not (so little).

But does that mean that she actually was “always right?”

And does it mean that “we really are ‘bad?’”

What does the actual evidence suggest?

(My beliefs almost killed me in 1997 and 2002. Because it was my beliefs that poured all those pills down my throat.)

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