Most trivial post EVER

Occasionally I had been smelling something good in my apartment today as I sat or walked around. It smelled clean and fresh. And good. I finally figured out that it’s the new shampoo I just started using.

Glad it wasn’t a phantom smell.

What kind of shampoo was it?

Maybe this one…

Sauve shampoo/conditioner.

That actor and actress should win Oscar’s for that performance.

I’ve been doing that too! It smelled sort of like bees wax. It was my new conditioner sitting on my desk.

Funny I just ran out of Suave 2-in one plus shampoo and conditioner. I’ve moved on to a Tresseme 2-in-one. It’s hard to keep with a particlular 2-in-one, they’re hard to find and they keep discontinuing them.

I can smell bacon I haven’t eaten any bacon. mind bending

I usually just buy what’s cheapest.

i usually get that when i sometimes use head and shoulders dandruff shampoo