I took a shower today

It may seem like a small thing but I consider it to be a major accomplishment today because my motivation was so low.


It can be a big accomplishment. For me, it is because somedays I go a couple of days without showering.

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Trust me I understand that I struggle every week with it


I struggle every week with it too.


I have to shower as well, be thinking about it all day

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My mum told me I smell after several days of not showering. That was motivation for me and I havnt skipped a shower since

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I go about eight or nine days between showers…it’s my hair that finally gets me…I wear a hat out in public so they can’t see my greasy hair…Angie says I don’t stink so I don’t do it all the time. I wish I did shower every day back like when before I got sick.


Good for you @Hanna_Foxx! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s a small thing. I’ve gone over a month without a shower or bath. I am terrified I will fall. And i don’t feel better after
Usually I cry the whole time.

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I have a shower every day. It makes me feel good.

I haven’t had one for about a month or so I can tell cos I’m hairy on my legs n chin lol who gave women beards goodness xxx

Thats good, I love taking a shower in the morning, but its kind of a pain blowdrying my hair.

Way to go. It’s not a small thing. You should be proud of yourself. It’s nice to do something to take care of yourself.

Haha that’s great! I hate shaving my face and it takes motivation, I always wonder about gals who are depressed and have to shave their entire legs. That must get annoying.

I’m not a girl but most of them don’t even bother with it anymore unless they are going out or suspect intimacy to be happening soon

Way to get in the shower and face the ol’ body. That can be difficult to do.
Go ahead and skip shaving if that is one of the reasons. My skin fought razors until I quit trying to shave. Then, for some unknown reason, the hair never grew back. I have absolutely no underarm or leg hair to speak of.

I usually take regular showers because I work-out but when I was in the middle of my depression it was very hard and I would go days without showering. I believe I went 4 days without showering and that’s probably the longest. Never would have imagined something so small to be so difficult.

But good job in taking a shower make sure you maintain the momentum.

It isn’t a small feat. I struggle with this and usually go days without showering. My hair and the need to shave is what eventually gets me in the shower. Well done to you.

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