Doctors and why do they think they know better all the time

Why do some docs believe that with a diploma which you get after 5 -10 years and some experience, you don’t have to read anymor3 and improve …?

And why do they believe that they know more about something withiut actually going through it…

They’re academics

Look at how detached a lot of college campus educators are from reality

Mine always says his recommendations are ‘wise’, and that irritates the ■■■■ out of me as he repeats it over and over.

Yeah, you’re wise, I get it. Now shut up!

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I’ve been feeling conflicted about this recently. I have always held a lot of disdain for doctors due to how commonly they are extremely arrogant. Due to that ive always had a lot of distrust and always felt i was the biggest expert on myself, etc.

However after my recent meeting with my doctor where I finally realized after seeing him for years that I truly do get mania when he recognized it immediately upon meeting me, I realized that as a person with mental illness my insight is limited. I can’t be 100% aware of my own condition and state of mind and all that. So thats where i need to rely on the expert and trust him.

That being said i still believe patients input is extremely valuable and not to be ignored if you want to a) treat the patient well and b) have a good rapport with that patient. I would not work with a doctor who i feel did not listen to me.

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My experience, not necessarily applicable to anyone else, is that the pdocs I saw would’ve preferred me to dumb down. In a verbal setting I was very easily their equal or better. They didn’t like that. If they’d seen me in a situation where practical skills were required it would’ve been totally different.


I have had some very bad psychiatrist coming with the wise answers @Joker talked about (if a doctor used the exactly the word “wise” about himself i would instantly puke). The advices all showed up to be standard stock in trade therapeutic CBT advices which never worked on me.

My current psychiatrist knows exactly where she can help and when she just have to listen and are not able help me. I have a bit of a crush on her.


It’s not a diploma, it’s an advanced degree and it is extremely difficult to earn one. They’re generally quite intelligent and capable. The problem – in the psychiatric field – is that they’re used to dealing with the lowest common denominator. It throws them a bit if you’re above the baseline as most with head issues aren’t. Being open and friendly overcomes most of the issues that accompany this.


I think pdoc don’t consider all are unique but,

as we are in limited world with limited thoughts,

they can know where the wrong thoughts come from.

If I say “maqysie wildied” is some thing random, they wont know.

But if I relate and that relation is wrong which is not held thought by all,

then some thing is off.

I think its simple to analyse,

just some information on meds and labels with experience.

Also some who are really into the research are found very few.

To know about gravity just an apple was sufficient. Not a diploma.

Even now research is going on,

IMO try not to be unique.

Being friendly , yes… but we have a severe mental disorder… difficult to be friendly all the time…

My pdoc said to me : after learningthat i am suicidal “You know NOTHING”… ME, reading all day about disorders, would definitely go ■■■■■■■ MAAAD

That’s what I am taking and asking about

Are you able to change docs? There can be some bad ones. The first couple I had wrote me off and figured I wouldn’t improve much, if at all. I was profoundly ill at the outset. Now I’m at the point that my pdcos pretty much give me whatever med and dose I ask for.

I hit pay dirt with my current MH team, after decades of utter incompetence from the previous one. Realistically they can’t do much to fix the damage caused by the previous lot, but they don’t treat me like I’m piece of dirt and are caring and kind unlike the previous lot.

I think it helped that my (s)daughter had been in touch with the MH team here before I moved, and had done some myth busting.

It’s very difficult being open and friendly with MHPs who think being disapproving and hypercritical are a good proxy for help and support.


I am glad you moved @firemonkey as you get better support

Must have been a difficult and disorientating experience at first

Can’t imagine leaving my home town


I was very anxious, but my (s) daughter did an excellent job sorting everything. They were planning to knock my block of flats down, and there was no way I could have coped with that. Also,although it took moving here to realise it,I was in a spiral of self neglect.


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