More than one-third of patients with schizophrenia report being happy all or most of the time,


I am not happy but I am content. I find that I am thankful for stability and my job. Things have never been better.

I am glad I am a bit older now too, as I don’t live with my parents and look after myself.

I guess I voted happy as being content is a good thing too.


I’m getting happier by the day as my head pain subsides ever so slowly. It’s like God’s giving me permission to enjoy life again.


I voted not happy. Also I’m not sad. I think I just don’t experience emotions. I’m really not happy because of my arthritis and low income. When my old car goes, I won’t be able to afford another one, and will have to live without a car.


@mike1 are you on prescriptions for arthritis? What also helps is an elimination diet, where you omit dairy and wheat. Dairy’s way more of a joint pain trigger than wheat, I find.

Also, when it comes to prescriptions, I like Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine), it stops the inflammation without too many side effects.

When I omit dairy and wheat and take Plaquenil, I can jump out of bed in the morning without stiffness and get right on with the day. Before doing those things I’d gripe and moan, since getting out of bed would be this impossible feat that required me to put up with some intense pain.


Any time anyone begins a sentence with the words “studies have shown” my guard goes up. Most of those studies are made to support an agenda.


I’m fairly new to arthritis, so I’m not on any prescriptions. I don’t consume any dairy because I’m lactose intolerant. I do eat wheat however.


I voted happy,very happy indeed got out of deadend coporate tetail industry i had bee working in for over 20 years whilst ill/not ill negative attitude of people i worked with and the stigma.Iam very positive person in general and i have been syptom free for over 8yrs taking meds after being sectioned.


Sorry iam meant retail industry spelling mistake!


I would say I have been through all 3 at various points of my life. But I am feeling good at the moment.


I feel happy most of the time as well.