Moods all over the place


After quitting my meds (I did it the right way btw), I was doing really great for 2 weeks. I was talking to people more, going out more, generally more confident. Everything was great. I mean I now realise there is more of a tone to my voice and I don’t feel so flat.

But with that came losing track of time, not being able to concentrate on my work, being distracted by talking, my phone or thoughts so much so that I was forgetting what I was in the middle of at work, time going so fast it was hard to keep up with the work.

I found that I was talking way more than usual, maybe not more than other people but more than I would. Yes I thought this was some kind of mood issue. Went to see my GP yesterday, she feels the same so she has referred me back to mental health.

The referral takes weeks. I thought I can’t wait that long so I went to A&E (ER). Not much help they were. They said I need to go through my GP. They can’t help me. I already have a diagnosis and I could have told her just to put me back on meds. Should I not be reassessed if I am presenting with new symptoms?


I told my manager what I was feeling and they seem really supportive, told me I could do as many hours as I’d like and it would be ok. I cried at my desk after seeing my GP and I couldn’t stop so I had to leave. All my colleagues seemed so understanding. I’m glad I have them.


Sorry you are going through this. Your GP should be able to prescribe something to help. A GP prescribes my Hubby’s ciprelax for anxiety.


I don’t really want my gp to treat me for this. I want to see a pdoc anyways don’t no what the hell is wrong. I’ve now got palpitations. Something feels way off.


Like I cannot relax
feel unsettled but I cannot explain why.


On the outside though I appear calm


Hang in there. Try not to get frustrated and discouraged.


If you know what meds worked for you, you can ask your GP to prescribe it for you in the meantime until such time that you can get an appointment with a psychiatrist. Consultations with psychiatrists are very expensive so if I’m doing okay I sometimes ask my GP to write me the prescription for my psychiatric meds. Hang in there…things will be better for you soon.


You may be relapsing, right? You may need to be put back on meds I’m sorry to say. It was my understanding that an ER room can give needed medication in an emergency without a prescription. I may be wrong. I also thought a pharmacist can do the same thing in an emergency. I guess a phone call could verify if this is true or not. But yeah it seems simple to me.If you are relapsing then you need to get back on medication.The complicated part is finding out WHICH medication and at what dose. But hey, it’s easy for me to say. I’m sitting miles away from you in my computer chair. Your doctors should know better than me.


sorry you are feeling this way.
i do not do meds but still have all the symptoms, it is no easy ride.
take care


Relapsing is rough, i went without medication a few times not by personal choice. I understand needing help and being unable to find it. I had to go through a clinic to get help because the only other psychiatrist around me wasn’t any help and was also far away. GPs may be able to help you, mine offered me medication instead of going to the clinic anymore a few weeks ago but i trust the clinic and my doctors there more than my new gp.


I’m sorry your going through this, maybe you weren’t as ready as you would have liked to have been and your mind is trying to tell you something is off. I don’t use a GP, I use a psychiatrist right now she’s my only doctor, I know i need my medications. I could not be this functioning with out them. I’d be talking to myself, I’d be hallucinating more, and more than likely wouldn’t be able to realize that they were hallucinations.

Could you explain to your doctors that this is an emergency and you either need to push the reassessment ahead of when ever it was scheduled or you need to be put back on medications? I don’t see why your doctor couldn’t put you back on the drugs you were on before you went off them…where did you get them before? I’m a bit rusty in this situation because I’ve never fully been off my medications since my diagnosis when I was 16. I was on a very low amount at times but never fully off.


My gp is no expert she thinks this is hypo mania however these mood issues may happen with psychosis. I am pretty sure at the moment this is not psychosis but I’m scared as I can see where this is going. But I’m not sure if anyone understands but I will be happy to be on any med but I hate antipsychotics soif this is bipolar I want to be reassessed do I can try another type of med. if not I have no choice other than antipsychotics.


**You know yourself better then anyone. Your GP should be able to prescribe a low dose of something until you can get to your pdoc. **He can reasses when you see him. Are you not able to see the same pdoc as before? Wondering why you have to go through referral all over again.
I hope you can calm down and get some peace before then…


Early intervention see you usually when you have your first episode and only for 3 years. They discharged me ages ago.


UGH! Hang tough and stay calm. You`ll get there


have you ever tried amino acids for mood disorder?, It helped me a lot .