Mood disorders - Do you track your mood swings? if so how?


I have tried to keep track of my moods a bit with a chart but i usually end up forgetting,
I like to post music on facebook or on here a lot of music that I like usually to the mood i am in at the time

So all I usually do is check back to see what songs ive posted over the past month to see what my mood has generally been like.


I used to journal religiously, Which the way I write it is part diary part journal. So always have a record. Is the wrong way to do though. As I’d read back often and come across most of the mental anguish parts. Which is something you’re not supposed to do as it’s just me venting of all the rubbish in my head on paper. But anyway that’s that how I keep records still. Just not as religiously as I use to.


My moods vary dependent on how anxious and insecure I feel. When I had less responsibilities my mood was brighter . Now I’m stuck in an anxious/mildly depressed frame of mind .


that’s a good idea,i don’t show my mood via songs so I usually track my mood on, recently my mood has been fine…


@mobc1990 thanks for that. That’s a good program!


I just downloaded an app for android called “emoods” . Can’t believe I never thought to do that :blush:


I am a compulsive journal writer… I write all the time… But just like @Dreamscape I also have a hard time looking back over what I wrote sometimes.

My sis was trying to get me to put a little mark on a calendar at the end of a day… some little something… :smiley: :anguished: :neutral_face: :stuck_out_tongue: :angry:

I never quiet got in the habit.

I like your song idea… I do have to do this better. Thank you for starting this thread… I do need some new ideas.


i have to write all my moods down etc for the clinical psychologist…
take care :alien: .


Do you go back + read them?


I wrote alot of journal recently,but I stopped because I find I don’t really like them and had only little benefits…I do not or once in a blue moon that I read what I really wrote…


I used a chart with a scale from 1-5 on the depression side and 1-5 on the manic side. That was in the days when I thought I was Bipolar, so I could help the doctors diagnose me. But in May 2013 in hospital I was re-confirmed a schizophrenic so I stopped making the chart.


Keep your journal. You might read it when you get some distance from what you wrote.


Alright mate…


I track down my moods, the meds I am currently on, the dosing - what I did for that day etc… I quickly write it down in a calendar style journal.
I have been doing this for years. It’s a good way to track and monitor how you are doing over a period of time.
it’s like a miscellaneous journal for me


i literally give my therapist all my written thoughts, moods etc…and i never see them again…
the therapist and the shrink sit down have a bottle of wine, and then laugh their heads off…lol
i find it very therapeutic…freeing…it is like off loading a part of my mind.
take care :alien:


thats great Sith, ive done that for a journal , i write a journal then i just throw it away knowing its out of my brain onto a piece of paper and into a garbage can never to be seen again :smile: