Made an app :)

I and my spouse are suffering and we often change our treatment. And in order to keep all in one place I have just released an app for that. It’s rather a minimum version, sort of diary and mood (or anything else) tracker. I will support and enhance it if it attracts someone.

Hope, it won’t look like my ad :slight_smile:

I was just going to ask you about feedback, specially on spelling as I am not a good at English. There might be something that doesn’t sound good, maybe. Thanks in advance.


Darn iPhone only! I have android. Looks like a cool app though!


Yeah me too. ANDROID only :frowning_face:
You could try Flutter. It’s a framework for building cross-platform apps.

Android here :frowning: I think more ppl have Android nowdays.

Yeah… Think of android version as well. Just need to find someone proficient with android.

Just got the app proofread. Going to add FaceID/TouchID app authentication to keep the data a bit more private.

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Android here as well. :maple_leaf::maple_leaf::maple_leaf:

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