Monkey mind

Last time I was in the psych ward we had those stupid classes that I absolutely hated. They expected you to be all social and agreeable to there classes. I tried for weeks to get permission to use a treadmill and get some real help from that. They just kept putting it off. Instead they wanted​ me to play the Wii when I wanted to be alone. Anyway we had this class with this strange lady definitely not a doctor​ and I don’t even think a nurse. She came in and screwed with our minds for a while with all her weird perceptions of what she thought would help us. I was in no shape to think about the crap she was pushing on us. I really don’t even remember what it was. But I know I really wanted to leave and she was just aggravating my delusions. The nurse on duty was threatening me with some more medication if I wasn’t in agreement with this class. So they told us we had monkey mind. Wasn’t real thrilled that they were telling me I had the brain of a monkey. Really not to happy about her class. Dose this not rub anyone else the wrong way? I looked it up and it has something to do with Buddha.



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That sounds abusive to me.

Forcing people to participate in activities they do not feel up to and that may make them worse and threatening them.

These people may be missusing what they perceive as having power over the people in hospital or home.

Specially in hospital you should have a right to say no with out being threatened.

I’m so sorry this happened to you.

I am not jolly or ok about power trips some do in arrogant , jealous hateful ways.
They can be jealous of the patients beleive it or not it’s possible.

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You had a Wii?

I was always mute when I came in, says the head nurse to the psych tech…I got out of a lot of talking groups.


They brought a Wii out for a special class just for a couple hours everyone was supposed to attend and take turns playing while everyone else watched. I made a huge deal about not wanting to go ,as I hate video games and had no desire to be in a huge mob watching me play something I had no desire to do. This was on the less secure side of the hospital. That was only one time

The wii sold the experience for me

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Isn’t anyone offended by being told they have monkey mind, that’s what I hated the most

It’s weird. I don’t understand what it means.

I try not to assume the worst with stuff like that. People say weird things. Including me, I say weird sh:t.


It’s like some kind of idea it’s on line if you Google it. I am just offended that to them every one has the mind of a person and we because we are sz have a monkey mind. Doesn’t go over well with me especially since I’m not an evolutionist

Monkey mind is just a term. She was trying to teach the basics of meditation. However meditation might not be for everyone who is mentally ill. And if she was saying that was your main problem that’s just insensitive.