Mom in the hospital

I took my mom to the ER yesterday. She was having stomach pains. They took her for an ultrasound and CT scan then gave her morphine and valium. She got really nasty and didn’t want me there. She didn’t understand that I wanted to be there for her. I had nothing better to do than to wait with her while she slept. She said some really mean things. I wish I could say it was the meds talking but I know its not, thats just how she is sometimes. I feel really sad about it. So I respected her wishes and left. My dad went out to visit her later after she was admitted. She has gallstones and will be in the hospital for a few days. Dad said he’ll let me know when its okay to go visit her. I feel really sad about it all.


Thank goodness it wasnt something more serious, I do think she will be just fine. Trips to the Hospital are stressful for everyone involved

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I’m sorry she was rude to you. Like you said, it was probably the meds talking. Those meds combined with a high stress situation are not a good combination, she was probably afraid and didn’t know how to act/react. It would make me feel sad too, though. Hopefully she’ll feel a little bit better soon and you can go and visit her.

I hope she recovers quickly. I too think it was prop the pain combined with stress and morphine.

I will say a prayer

I am sorry your mother was so rude. I would not have listened to her, but that is just me. But I hope you can see her soon.

I hope she gets well soon. I’m sorry she hurt your feelings. You did the right thing in taking her and in leaving. Your health is important too.

hi sounds very stressful for both of you stay strong.

be proud of yourself, it takes wisdom to be kind in the face of adversity.
i hope your mum gets better.
take care

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I’m sorry your Mom lashed out… But good for you for using kindness and patience.

I hope your Mom recovers quickly very soon.

Best hopes being sent your way.

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