Trip to the ER

I had to go to the ER at the insistence of my PCP tonight. As I’ve said in other posts I haven’t had my period and this past Thursday I got it. I called my doctor because I was bleeding so much. Every time I went to pee I put two new pads on because everything was soaked. I never saw as much blood when I was cutting even. My doctor was concerned I may be anemic or have something like a cyst. I right away started thinking “I’m going to have to stay overnight and they’ll have to do surgery.” Plus I hate hospitals. You can’t smoke and the ER is always where I have to go when I have a psych emergency to be sent to a psych hospital. Well I took both electronic hookahs, one melon and one nicotine, cellphone, iPod touch, laptop and charger, two books, and all of my meds. Usually you have to wait a long time. My mom was joking that I was bringing the whole house and where was I going to set up the coffee maker. I’m glad she was joking because when I first woke her up to tell her I had to go she looked at me with daggers in her eyes. She wasn’t mad at me, she was mad at the situation. With my past experience of accumulating criminal charges at the ER my doctor said my mom should stay by my side during everything even when they send me for the ultrasound. After my mom came out into the kitchen to wake up some before we would go she kept making comments that were making me feel horrible. I said “ok you stay here I’ll go” (even though I felt like I was going to pass out) “No! You’ll have my car and then I can’t go anywhere.” “Ok, I’ll call an ambulance and go” “No! You’re not calling an ambulance that will cost money.” She started to wake up though and when I said thank you for taking me she said it was part of what I signed up for. It’s like she was a completely different person. I told Jason I was going and he offered to go with me. Isn’t he awesome!

I talked to the doctor and told him I was already anxious about being in the hospital and that because I was sexually abused, exams are very difficult. So he gave me Ativan. So they did bloodwork, a vaginal and abdominal ultrasound, and a pelvic exam. My hemoglobin was normal and everything else was good too. He said I must be having such a hard period because I haven’t had it in so long. I’m healthy in every other way. I am so relieved.

To treat myself for having a rough two days I bought McDonald’s and my favorite brand of cigarettes. I pigged out and have been chain smoking since I got home. Hope everyone is well! :sunny:


This happened to my wife. She hadn’t had her period in 8 or 9 months, so she got checked out (out of pocket). Everything was normal in the end, but the amount of blood freaked both of us out. Glad you got it looked at and taken care of @SunGirl!

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glad you have had your period back and everything is normal. I haven’t had it for nearly one year due to the high prolactin level of amisulpride. But it doesn’t bother me.

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@anon40540444 I’m sorry that happened to your wife, it is scary. I hadn’t had mine for a year and 5 months. So when it came it really came. With your wife did her periods go back to normal after that?

@green5 I had high Prolactin from Risperdal. You might want to switch meds. I saw a Reproductive Endocrinologist who stressed how important it is to get a period at least 4 times a year. He tried putting me on a med to lower the levels, but it’s so expensive they only make the generic and my insurance wouldn’t cover it. A month after being off of the Risperdal I got it. So it would be interesting to see what my Prolactin levels are now. When I was on it I had the levels of a brestfeeding woman. I know it’s nice not to have a period but it’s really not good. I’m on Geodon and Seroquel now and my psychosis is minimal. :sunny:

To answer your question @SunGirl, her periods occur once every 8-9 months, if that. As a guy, I am one of those who has no problems picking up tampons. :smiley:

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Wow, what an event - glad that everything went fine @SunGirl, it must have been a scary experience, but you managed and did well- I also hate ER’s the wait times are ridiculous. Just glad that you are doing fine - Take it easy and try to rest some

@anon40540444 Wow I’m surprised they happen so infrequently. I hope it is resolved now I am off of the Risperdal. That’s great you don’t mind picking up tampons. Jay strikes me as a guy that wouldn’t mind. Maybe I should test him. “Babe will you run to the store for me?” :smile:

@Wave It’s never a dull moment. Thanks though. My mom held my hand through the exam which made it easier. When I walked in there was a dad carrying his little girl and she was screaming and holding her arm. Panic struck as I realized I really was in a hospital. I wanted to just turn around and go home. Yeah aren’t ERs the worst. I am doing good though. Yeah rest is one thing I’m good at, especially when there is a list of chores. But yeah thank you. When I was explaining how my period was effecting me and I told them I wanted to cut last night because of the intense anger they wanted to have me seen by screening. My heart dropped because they are the ones who determine if you go to the psych hospital. Fortunately no one brought it up after that. :sunny:

@SunGirl, my wife’s infrequency of periods is due to her weight. She once went 18 months without a period!

Oh wow! I’m a big girl myself but it has never affected my period just the medicine. Do you mind if I ask, what does she weigh? :sunny:

260, 5’5" 20 characters.

Oh ok. I’m 290 at 5’4" I’ve always been big but the medicine made it worse. I actually got down to 170 right before I got put on meds. Once I started the meds I went up to 315. I’m slowly losing weight now. You’re wife isn’t that big I’m surprised her weight would do that. Maybe that’s part of my problem too and I was blaming the meds. I’ll ask my doctor. Thanks! :sunny:

My wife’s weight gain is hereditary. Everyone in her family is morbidly obese, except her. But she’s the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.

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Oh my Gosh… @SunGirl- I’m so sorry you ended up in the E.R., but I’m glad you’re getting some answers and on the road to healing. I’m glad your healthy and get to come home. Also… very cool that your boyfriend would have taken you. Good man.

I’m glad you had your Mom by your side… I hope you don’t mind but… I had to point this one out.

It took me AGES to be able to tell the difference with this. Not being able to understand that my parents were mad at the situation held me back a lot. They were not mad at me… they were scared for me… they were sad for me, but they weren’t mad AT me… and I always thought they were.

So there was SO much I didn’t tell them, or get help with because I was so tired of my family being mad AT me… because of that… I suffered more and more… not telling them what was happening. When it finally got drilled into my head that my parents were AT the situation, At the circumstance… then I ended up coming to them more.

Being able to tell that your Mom wasn’t mad AT you and to go to her and get help is a very big sign of healing.

You are doing great. I’m glad this turned out not to be anything life threatening or more serious.

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boy @SunGirl you really are having a hard time, I’m so sorry. I am praying for you to have more peace.

@SurprisedJ Thank you! It still hurt that she was mad, it is hard to understand what that means when the person is mad at the situation and not you. It’s still anger, and my mom’s anger has always scared me. I did not want to go and with her being mad it made it even harder. But she did change her tune once she woke up which is good. I have a hard time with those exams and she held my hand through it.
@jukebox Thank you! I am having a hard time, it’s never a dull moment. With these med changes, fighting with my pdoc’s office, my friend dying, my car dying, and then yesterday going to the ER and having those friggin exams and ultrasounds, I’m ready for this vacation Jason and I are taking. Through trials I’ve learned it’s important to be thankful for what is good in your life. Thank you for your prayers, it means a lot to me. :sunny: