Too sad. Breaks my heart

When my mom was in the hospital. They didn’t know exactly what was wrong with her. She was in a wheelchair. The women who raised me, the woman who threw great parties for our friends, who visited me in the hospital every night for 8 months and cared for me. Sitting in a wheelchair not talking because she had fought long and hard for so many years and she was tired of fighting. To see my mom like that. And even then, she was worried about my well being and how I was doing.

Even then, when she was so sick she was sharing a room and when the nurse opened the curtain that separated her from her roommate, my mom perked up and laid a kindly hand on the other poor woman’s shoulder and tried to comfort her. It was such an example of an act of humanity at it’s most real that affects me right now. Sorry if I’m getting too personal. I have my sisters to talk to about it but I’m sitting in my room thinking. Have a nice night.


Your Mom sounds like a wonderful person. Do they know what she has. Is she ok now?

Sorry, I should have made it more clear. She passed last month. I wrote it in other posts.

Being a mother is a job for life - you care for your kiddo until the end. At least that’s the case with people worthy of being called a true mother. I saw this one video online today of a kid in Pennsylvania who has muscular dystrophy and autism. When he was 4, his mother dropped him off at the door of a children’s psych hospital and left a note and a check for $20. Those kind of people really get under my skin. My mother was an angel like yours, Nick. Every day with them is a gift. Nothing hurts more than that gift being taken away. I feel your pain - I’ve been there too. I think of you on a daily basis, and that’s the truth. I’m in your corner man.


Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I do not read all the posts. I hope you take the time to mourn and don’t bury your grief. Death is just the natural end to this life and if your mother was failing it was what she was ready for.

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I know we’ve had issues @77nick77 but I am sorry for your loss.

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to ’ know ’ love :heart: is a wonderful thing.
to ’ see ’ love :heart: in action in front of your own eyes’ that is beautiful.
your mother gave you something special , ’ love '.
no one can take that away from you, ever.
take care :alien:


OK, thanks alien. it’s good to have people who can emphasize. It’s too bad we have to have a death in common. Sorry about your mom.

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Thanks Malvok…

Thanks darksith. Very apt words.

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That’s beautiful :heart: What a legacy of love she left with you! What a tremendous inheritance is that kind of love! How blessed to have had a mom like that!
PS- the whole first year after my mom passed was a twilight zone. You’re gonna be ok. You’re doing good things to help yourself.

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You’ ll have a lot of time to contemplate your mother’s life. Sometimes grief takes a while to catch up with you. Your mood might change to very serious. Mothers have to be devoted to their children.

Very moving, again I am sorry for your loss @77nick77

Yeah moms; everything wrong and everything right ,

Tough stuff bro…:sunflower::tulip: