Mom doesn't understand i can't leave

my parents seem to be getting along better since the pillow incident. but i know she wants me to come home. but the in laws and kay are counting on me to take care of the animals while my mother in law, partner and her step brother are gone. she told me to tell my partner if she goes then our relationship is over. but i can’t do that to kay. i can’t make her choose between me and her family. my mom said i lost my voice i use to be very opinionated and argumenative.

Other people shouldn’t be calling the shots in your life. If you want to stick by Kay while she goes to support her family, that’s your business.

Somehow, I don’t think your mom truly has your best interests at heart when she gives you this advice.


my mom thinks my in laws just want me around for my money which is probably true but my partner thinks my parents just want me around for the same thing just for my money because they need to save money to save up for a used vehicle.

I think everyone in your life is after your disability check except for Kay. The sooner you guys can live independently, the happier you will be.


good news she isn’t losing her job but she is missing three days of work so her check will be short. she was worried i would be mad about that but i told her a half a check is better than losing your job. this is going to put us back a bit since she had to get a pay day loan to pay for gas. we were going to get the pay day loan to add to some money we would have saved up to get a car but i can wait

Wtf why can’t her mom chip in for gas? Those payday loans are bad news.

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because she was supplying the car i guess. i don’t know its weird. it was mainly her dad he threw a hissy fit when kay loaned them 86 dollars to get the tags for their new van and then took everyone out to lunch and paid 78 dollars for that but he’s whining because she didn’t give gas money.