Cutting off with family?

My mom is away from home for a few days. She refused to have dinner with me everyday during Xmas. I believe she is sleeping over my aunt’s place. This I only learn from dad because mom does not talk to me any longer.

I happen to find out the photos they took when she celebrated Xmas with my sister and my aunt. They post them on fb. I really understand my mother does not want to get together with me. She does not want to share my boat. Mom told me that clearly. I know I’m no longer a significant one to anyone on earth. Mom refused to spend time with me since I took up the job in a small shop. Probably she cannot withstand the fact that I’m doing a low paying job and will not be able to return to a higher paying or higher status one. Her eyes were full of rages everytime I tried to talk to her. She said she was investing on me and there would be no returns. She threw tandrums at home that she will not be able to gain anything out of me. I believe the only favor I can do for her now is to leave forever. I find no other better way to deal with my life.

Actually, I don’t need to do anything to cut them off. They are cutting me off necessarily. My mom asked me to pay her money. If I can’t afford the money, she will kick me out of home soon. This is exactly what happened to one of my siblings. When she cant pay, my mom asked her to leave. My mother dislikes weak and poor guy.

I’m sorry this is happening to you. But if she is going to make you feel bad all the time, and she is the one being hurtful, you might have to leave the family home to find happiness elsewhere. The more people she pushes away, the more alone she will become. It’s sad, but it sounds as if she’s made that decision herself.

I don’t have any where to go. I will be homeless if I walk out. I will pay my mom everything she requests when she comes back. I dont eat and dont drink and safe up a little bit for the past few months. I will stay at home for now. If she still kicks me out, I would surrender to life and give up. I think this is all that I could do for her.

Please don’t surrender life. You have a job for now, your boss is good to you. As you learn more, you can make more money. I’m sorry you’re mother is hurting you. I really hope friends from your work and other options come to you soon.

Thank you for still talking to me. I think the only rational solution to my life is suicide. A desire to keep living is actually unnecessary obsession. I find hope in death, that every struggles could come to an end. This is the perfect solution, a win-win to everybody in my life. No one would cry when I’m gone probably. I can figure my family would be relieved and happy instead. I am not hurry though. I think I deserve a good death.

It sounds like you’re very depressed. I think this issue might need to be addressed by your doctor and/or therapist. Sometimes, our issues are too big for us to handle alone.

Please don’t think that death is the solution. It’s not. As someone who’s tried several times, I can tell you that it’s a lot harder to do than keep on living.

Choose life. Get some help. And know that there are many people who love you. I’m sending you love and prayers.



I agree the main obstacle is that it is difficult and failure to die one shot is disastrous. I have tried to talk to a therapist, who told me I can only rely on myself. The reason I went to talk to someone is that I cannot solve the problem myself. I think no one can help me. The argument is often circular. No one care about me enough that they would face my problems with me. My doctors know that I’m suicidal. They didn’t do anything that can help me.

I am in the depressive mood now. In depressive mood I don’t say nothing.
But I will say this. some peoples affected by environment. if they
move to good place their mood is changed.
Maybe This is why many people travel to Paris, London, LA.
When I am really depressed I go out to walk in sunny day.
It help me a lot.

It took me over 3 years to find the right doctors. I finally found some who I could relate to, who truly cared about me.

If your doctor or therapist are not taking your emotions seriously, find some who will!

NO doctor should ignore suicidal ideation in a schizophrenic patient.

I hope you find one that will listen and care for you. In the meantime, if you truly feel suicidal, I would highly recommend that you should seek treatment at a hospital.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! And this CAN get better!



I want to ask you this, are you a male or female?

you are describing my cold and narcissistic mother who i have not seen for nine years. my advise get the hell out of the house, you will be much better off because of it.
your mum and family are toxic and mean just like mine. i got out and never looked back.
you deserve a life , before you deserve death .
be brave and get out, and forget you had a family.
make your own life .
take care

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