Argument with brother and mom

i got into an argument with my brother then my mom. my brother messages me everyday. mostly to make me feel guilty about not being there. he also doesn’t like the fact that i got another lizard. he keeps thinking i am still like i was when i first got sick and couldn’t care for anything. my mom argued with me about my partner. she thinks kay is just using me when my in laws think that its the other way around that i am using her. we keep talking about moving out but i got a feeling its never going to happen at least not soon enough.

I don’t really know what to tell you. Why do you think moving out is not an option? What are you using your in-laws for?

i’m sorry to complain again its just here is the only place where i can really talk about whats bothering me. moving out is just taking longer than we planned since my partner keeps procrastinating when it comes to her permit and license. my in laws feel i am using them and my partner how i don’t know i’m confused on that.

Do you have your own money? Have you ever thought of leaving your partner. What license and permit? Driving or work? Maybe she feels secure living with her parents.

I’ve said it before, but Facebook has a block feature. I know you love your family, but they seem to be a continual source of stress and misery for you, and they never offer any form of support.