Mobc's workout routine

Hi guys,I thought I will share my workout/exercise routine with fellow sz…this is what I do 6 days a week,and it’s been a continuous of 6 months already,before this I used to do insanity workout by shaun t.

650m jogging—100 push-up
Then another 650m jog—25 pull-up
Another 650m jog—100 push-up
650m jog again—25 pull up again
Add on 650m jog—100 push-up
Last 650m jog—50 push-up and 10 pull-up

Then I get back home and finish my last 50 sit up.All the exercise is done near the park of my home,so the total is 4km jogging,350 push-up ,60 pull up and 50 sit up.i do these after my work .

I love staying lean and muscular but I hope to have a biceps that’s my aim

very impressive, i get tired already reading it all.
but if you want biceps shouldnt u use dumbells with heavyweights and such?

Not impressive,I think there is a lot of people who can do 10x more than me,and I know some here also can do much more than me,I hope I can keep it up and improve myself

I was surfing the web and kept on seeing ridiculous advertisements concerning body building.

Anyhow, off to the left of the screen I saw the following picture.

What do you see, a man, or a puppy.

Im into powerlifting, I am an amateur but compared to the average 165lbs man I am unusually strong. My deadlift, bench and squat add up to over 1000lbs. Deadlift 465 squat 330 bench 250

I worked out from age 15 to about age 45. I never put on any weight or muscle, but I did stay strong. It was always good to be strong, for example, when I wanted to move or help someone move. Then, injuries got me out of execise, and it was hard to get back in the habit.

Eventually at age 50 weight starting coming on, and to my surprise, even though I wasn’t exercising, a bunch of the weight that came on is muscle. Go figure!


That’s grotesque… meant that to be in response to IntroBC’s picture.

Your good,I hope I can do more…maybe like you,haha