Mixed feelings about tomorrow

So tomorrow I am going out of the city and driving down town to a pretty big city to meet with someone that is going to finally set up my disability direct deposits. I am excited that it is finally moving along. But I HATE that I have to drive so far and to such a crappy place. I’m not a fan of driving down town and certainly not a fan of driving all the way out of town. I wish I had people close to me that can help with these sort of things. I can already feel the anxiety coming on.


Do you have a GPS to help keep you on track with you navigation? Or a cellphone with maps on it?

Also perhaps making a playlist of your favorite songs (songs you like to listen to when you are upset that make you happy) and play that in your car on the way to your appointment and back.


Yes that what I normally try to do. I have a GPS and I can play my iPod in my car. I hope it works but I am really stressed about it still.

I also get anxiety everytime i’m behind the wheel, but I think the long distance will help you, usually after awhile you see there’s not too much to worry about. Good luck.

Perhaps try going on a 15-30 min walk before you leave for your appointment and try to calm your mind? Maybe a walk now to help you relax might be good too?

I have a license but I hate driving, even in town. Used to be ok but lost my nerve I guess.

Maybe try not to think about it to much. I believe that you will do fine :smile:

Thank you I hope I can do it. Its freaking my out. I just wish I could have someone that could at least go with me just to keep my calm.

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I try to figure out how to ride my bike to where it is I’m going, or take the train if there is one, I like the train. If I drive, I take my dog ButterNut, and park in the parking ramp

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Unfortunately there is no train connecting these two cities. Just a few high ways which are pretty dangerous to ride a bike on. But that would be a great idea if I didn’t have to go on the high way.

I have to do crappy things I hate to do all the time. It’s part of living on my own. I HATE going to the Social Security office. A lot of times its packed with people and it’s a long wait.
This may not help you much, but I will say that AFTER I do these things I don’t like, I have a big relief it’s over coupled with the feeling that I really accomplished something. A feeling of accomplishment is very good.


i hope the day went well for you.
take care