Missing your life before sz

The memories are strong. I get lost .


I miss my pre SZ days also @roxanna.
Makes me sad just thinking about it.


I miss myself before sz. Was pretty, slim, intelligent, didn’t have intrusive thoughts, Everything was going well with me.


I used to more than I do now. Especially the music. But after my band broke up, I got into speed too much. Bad memories. And I smoked so much pot before that I failed in college, after doing well in high school. The best memories I have are from the last 15 years after I met my girlfriend.


Nope, Im not guilty for having schizophrenia and I still the same person


I don’t really have pre SzA days. :thinking:

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Honestly I don’t miss it much. Life is harder now and doing normal things feel like I’m playing with fire. Therapy was good for me and my friends say I look happier. I thought I would be lost now that my last day of treatment ended but funny enough I feel peaceful and genuinely happy. It is not a superficial happiness from eating an ice cream.

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Yeah I miss the pre Sz days…every now and then (more now thankfully) when I try some new supp or herb or combo and my delusions evaporate I say “Yes! I’m back ! …” but it isnt for long… though its trending up.
I hope one day I look back on these times as just a bad nightmare. Fingers crossed.
Having said this I must admit there were some awesome experiences when I was fully psychotic and thought I was the star in a reality show …lol.

What I remember most about my pre-sz days is feeling relaxed around people. I wasn’t so damnably tense.

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Me neither. I’ve always been sick, but I’ve had periods in my life where the symptoms worsened temporarily.

I guess if I were to point out something I missed, it would be the days before I had responsibilities to worry about.
I miss being four years old and carefree. Running around in the woods, playing with my friends and my sister, my biggest concern being what was for dinner.

When I was five, the first voice arrived and started telling me my parents didn’t love me as much as my other siblings. I miss the time before that, when they were just playmates, and not competition.

The prodomal phase lasted a long time and made much of my pre-schizophrenic life not so wonderful. I miss the feelings of solitude and privacy but my social life’s really about the same.

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I didn’t really have pre sz days as I got ill early. Was always withdrawn and shy even before I was 14 and started getting ill.

I’ve always been sick and had mental health struggles, but I do miss things about myself before my worst and first severe break. I have not been the same since then. The negative symptoms seem to be what trouble me (not to mention the positives off and on). I was more motivated and worked out and would get a lot more done than I do now.

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