Missed my dose by 4 hours

i just ate and took my medicine after waking up 4 hours after my alarm i pretty much feel normal i just was a little angry because no one woke me up and when i went down stairs to get my cup the cup was moved and i had to clean it because it didnt look clean, also the tv remote is moved, had to stuff the food down my face as quick as i could so i could take my meds because i really hate missing doses and i just started this medicine almost a month ago, it would help if i could go to sleep earlier i didnt lay down to go to sleep until around 8 am and woke up at 3:30 pm i usually wake up at 11 am take my meds at 12

I find myself stuffing food down my face when I don’t really want to because I am supposed to take my med’s with food. If I miss a dose by several hours I still take it because I need it.

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