Making a pot of coffee

Its too late to take my meds anyway

Loooooool. Good idea.(sarcasm)

Coffee intake is why I’m still awake. I don’t need any more.

So when you miss your meds you just skip them?

The rule I always heard was that if you miss your usual time that you take your meds by more than three hours then skip it and take it the next day at your normal time.

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I hadn’t heard that. I take mine between 7-11 am every day.

It might depend on what medication you’re on. But I’ve heard this about several different medications.

I tske my meds 6-8 AM and 8-9 PM. But sometimes I forget a dose. Even though I have an pill organizer. Now I have downloaded an app to make me remember. I will try it ou and see if it gets better.