Military intelligence gathering on the net

I do not read any news really, but today I rode my bike to see my father at the elderly care facility and I had a morning coffee in one restaurant. They had some newspapers and there was an article how the military does not perform the intelligence activities on the net, cyber intelligence. I think this article was wrong because already in 1999 I knew that the military intelligence collected intelligence on the net. Then in May 1999 I had opened a new Earthlink account and I used my childhood nickname ‘Make’ to post one message on the Usenet without identifying myself. It took just a day or two when my close relative called me and used this name ‘Make’ in a voicemail message. Basically they had monitored these Usenet postings and figured out who I was. It happened already in 1999 and this quite common today. No wonder people became crazy.

Truthfully, they would be stupid not to.