Someone on plenty of fish knew my real name, wtf

Some guy messaged me “You are utterly intriguing, Mau… My name is Jacob, nice to meet you.” - from some fat guy who doesnt even live in my city. My profile doesnt have my name anywhere.

Yes I took my meds like an hour ago.

Um could he have talked to someone you met on plenty of fish?

And now anyone read this for sure know your name…


LOL…true, but he has said it here before…
POF and other sites sometimes link to other accounts, emails, etc where someone might use real name. Sometimes people are just good and can connect dots and find out, or are just plain snoops… and sometimes it’s the matrix and the system of the beast and the CIA…whatever CIA means = cute intelligent angels, or creepy infernal assholes…

Yeah it’s quite possible he Googled you before contacting you. I don’t know how much info there is on you out there but it’s amazing how much can be found with a good search.

Apparently my name was on there. It says “About (my name)” which I didnt type and then some ■■■■ I did type. I get a fair amount of people I am not interested in messaging me on those sites.

(Silence of the Lambs Hannibal voice)

Hello Maurice!

I am eager to meat u! <---- I got that one today on Ok Cupid, so I know how it feels.


I was about to start thinking about bed but had to log back in to give you a like on that one ^


Made me laugh.

Good night, sweet dream!

Thanks. It is late.