Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson boxing ex-heavyweight champion. I like him, he has a lot of hard earned wisdom about people and life. He doesn’t try to hide his past when he was a brutal, angry animal who literally wanted to kill his opponents. He blew through millions of dollars but said he was happiest when he lost it all because then he didn’t have anything anybody could take from him. He sells CBD gummies with Evander Holyfield now and he’s doing alright financially. He’s seen it all and has met a lot of famous people and lived a crazy life when he was younger but now he dispenses wisdom like an elder statesman. I’m impressed whenever I see him now, he’s very self reflective and introspective. I guess once you ko 40 people and sleep in a bed with two tigers you aren’t afraid of much else. And he has a great sense of humor.


In the 90’s we used to always have a boxing watch party for his fights…lost interest in him once he bit Holyfield’s ear…lost respect for him…glad you like him a lot though.


I used to watch Mike Tyson’s podcast I haven’t for a long time but it was enjoyable when I did so

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Definitely the most aggressive and one of the best professional boxers of all time. What did you think of Tyson Fury ( Gypsy King )?

I’m glad Mike calmed down. All the publicity he got ruined his career. He could not train with the focus and single mindedness that he did before he became so famous. Maybe it was for the best that he faltered in his career. I think if Mohamed Ali hadn’t boxed he would have lived past 100. He made his mark on the world, though.

He’s an abuser of women and shouldn’t be held in such high regard.

When I was in 6 Flags in Atlanta I had to wait in the line pass line with Evander Holyfield and his million children for about twenty minutes.

Super nice guy.

They let all the kids go ahead of my friend and I even though we were there first.

But he was very nice and towards the end, a little apologetic.

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Shouldnt this be past tense? I agree w you that there are slme gnarly stories but that doesnt mean he didnt change. I mean, he bit holy fields ear off, now preaches muslim brotherhood and peace.

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I don’t forgive and forget when it comes to rape and assault.

And people like that don’t change.

I believed that ■■■■ when I was young, but now I know now they don’t.

It was in HIS best interest to have a better public image,

So he did.

He’s not a changed man, he’s a man that wants more money and for people to forget what a piece of garbage he is.

I would ask you how you really feel… lol

I donno dude i believe in sea change
water is clear you know what i mean?

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I agree you can gain new perspective and improve,

But abusers usually don’t change.

I know so many people and I’m trying to think of a single dude I know that is an abuser of women that has changed.

Can’t think of one.

Well, that’s not true.

A couple are in prison and literally can’t abuse women.

Odds are good they’re abusing someone though.

Anyway, just saying Mike Tyson is a trash can.

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Yeah i have to totally disagree with you.

You can try to draw a distinction between rape and murder, but i still see them as a group of violent crimes. And yes i believe offenders can pay their debt to society and change. I have hope for them.

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Well, then,

We’ll have to agree to disagree.

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looks at her
I guess so


How old are you, @FreeLunch?

Do I remember you saying you’re my age?

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Yeah we the same age. But you had baby and marriage: more adult life experience than me.
I suffer from arrested development

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Everyone’s experience is different.

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Thanks lol. 15151515

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I’m indifferent to Mike Tyson as a person
But there is no doubt that he was a great boxer.

I used to watch his fights all the time

He was a force to be reckoned with!

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Hey @Charles_Foster

I read something you wrote on another thread and just wanted to tell you that I’m also a cannabis user

problem is its illegal here so I’m criminalised for doing it.