Midterm went bad

Here anyone can find a job. No degree. With degree. High grade. Low grade. Renowned university or not. There is work for anyone who is willing to work and has the right attitude.

I’m sure you’ll find work no matter what your grades are.

You still can where I live. I’ve been chastised a lot because of my mistakes, so I respond with extreme self hatred if something I did was wrong.

I’m also physically disabled and they can pay me subminimum wage if I were to find a job. So the prospects aren’t that good.


I’m sorry it didn’t go well, but I don’t see how starving yourself helps improve your grades. If anything you need sustenance to help feed your mind and improve your scores.

Tbh, I don’t see why you don’t move back to Canada. Society where you are is not conducive to a good life for disabled people.

I can’t. I have too many medical issues and I can’t handle that abroad.

That’s why we disabled people are trying to get out word across for access on transportation and advocate for ourselves.

But we get so tired of advocating because sometimes it feels like nothing is going to change. Self-advocacy fatigue is real.

My country also has a really good medical care system, so I’ve decided to be thankful on that regard still. Without it I would be broke

You certainly should not listen to them.

I guess I was trying to remember the consequences of my mistakes. I managed to eat a donut but couldn’t eat more.

I ended up eating curry and a tangerine for dinner. It was reallly good!


you are a good person wanting to do your best and i am sure your parents know this and they see you trying your best, it means a lot, a lot of people with a condition that limits their abilities are unable to do even half what you are so you should be proud, I am a bit similar where i try and try and sometimes i feel like its not good enough and i wish i can do more and reading this makes me feel like it isnt just me that feels the need to do better, be better, more, more, more…

I have been told that what i have been doing is being observed even from afar and the observer is very happy with us for doing what we do despite all of the struggles we go through, i hope this is true, i hope something out there is happy with us and knows that 'we are trying our very best ’

Great!!! 15151515

I used to be punished really badly for getting marks that weren’t acceptable. My mom threatened to send me to an orphanage if I didn’t keep up with my marks. I was about 6 or 7.

If I made a mistake, I would be chatised at school for it, or get hit with a ruler. If I had a slip up of going to the hospital during my darkest times, my mother would find out and yell on the phone with the top of her voice saying “immigration isn’t going to accept you, and why would you make yourself a mentally ill degenerate”. The friends I depended on for my mental health journey are either cut off from me due to massive time difference, or they’re not interested at all. I just feel like I ruined their lives.

I’m just trying to save my family and my friends some grief I guess.

its a shame having so much pressure put on you at a young age and all throughout your life, its ok to try and push a person to succeed but another to force them to and smite them if a mistake is made,

Its very human to make mistakes, I mean I know we should try and avoid it but accidents happen, things change, cant be 100% all the time and we should not be scorned but forgiven if that happens if possible.

Is it any wonder that the mental illness level among the under 25s(or so) has risen significantly. There is so much pressure.nowadays. When I was at school 75% was a sure fire top grade for an O level or A level exam. Now we have students seeing themselves in a negative way and as failures for getting such a score. Not just on this forum but on a good number of forums I’ve been on over the last decade or so there are young people mentally whipping themselves for getting such a score on a test. It strikes me as a psychologically unhealthy state of affairs, that is no way the fault of the test taker but of the pressure they’re put under.

I’m surprised you learned anything under that kind of pressure @anon10648258 . That’s just awful and it’s abuse. Literally it’s child abuse. It’s not ok, and none of it is your fault

I think a lot of parents were like this in my culture, but I might not be sure. It was really hard growing up for sure.

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I’m sorry @anon10648258 . That’s awful.

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