Oh my GOD. Oh my freaking God. I can not BELIEVE I was so STUPID.

I MISSED a final exam!! Just completely missed it!! Oh my god!! I had it marked on my calendar as being on Dec 19th, and it was on Dec 10th and I COMPLETELY did not know. I just didn’t show up. Thank GOD my professor decided to contact me about it. What if he doesn’t let me retake it because I’m a total idiot?! What if I FAIL a class that was supposed to be a GPA boost?! UGH UGH UGH WHAT DO I DO

take a deep breath maybe phone your tutor if its in the late hours for you do it tomorrow?

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wow, I am really sorry. that’s like the student dreams I have had where I am taking a class but forget to take the final. I am really sorry for you. Surely your professor will take pity on you. the final he prepares for you may be harder than the exam you were going to take and missed though?

Hey, in college we are all adults. Explain to him the best you can the circumstances. We are busy adults with lives and responsibilities which get in the way sometimes. Talk to the guy.


I did. I emailed him back incredibly frantic. But it was just so stupid of me!! Unbelievable!

Do you even know how many nightmares I’ve had where this has happened to me?? I’m literally in a nightmare right now.

It’s a “jump through your ass world”. People are at their best under pressure. Get it together and knock them dead.

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you’ve obviously got a lot on your plate with school and being schizophrenic, please please try to relax and not beat yourself up over this. It will be alright hopefully?

That’s stinks. I would totally beat myself up if that happened to me. Hope your professor lets you retake it. With fingers crossed.


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Hating self currently. Usually what I do when I do something awful like this I punish myself, which usually involves me not letting myself eat or do anything. I’m trying to avoid that, and all of my friends are supporting me as well. I still feel awful though. My gpa is literally in that man’s hands.

On top of finals, and missing a final, my Dad has also just decided to care about my housing choices for next year and is mad that he doesn’t know anything about it even though I’ve been talking about it since October, and my mom knew everything, the prices, etc. I guess she just didn’t tell him. Ok, whatever.

So now I have to deal with an angry dad tomorrow who probably will grump about it being too expensive and it will mess up the entire housing plan we’ve been working on all year.

I am beyond stressed right now. Like I can’t even comprehend it. My brain has flatlined.

try deep breathing perhaps? I wish you could settle down a bit? Please try to find peace with all this. I feel bad for you.

I’m crossing my fingers that this will be something I can look back on and laugh at next year, instead of a massive mess I’ll be cleaning up next year. I don’t want to have to retake the class. I just don’t.

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Voices are very loud.

Demons telling me it would be easier to kill myself. (Don’t worry they say awful stuff all the time, doesn’t mean I take it seriously)

Norda is screaming profanities and telling me to drop out of school because she hates it. Cassy also wants to drop out of school, but she’s like 12 so screw that.

Gloria and Thomas are trying to calm me down and say in the grand scheme of things these aren’t so big of problems. They don’t talk to the demons, but the demons are saying “Die” and G and T say it would be dumb to kill myself over a silly gpa booster class, and that even if I do fail I can fix it. Thank heavens I have them.

Everyone else is hiding and doesn’t want to deal with it.

you’ll be fine it is a mistake alot of students would make…
take a deep breath…
take care :alien:

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It was just a mistake, right?
Seems a bit harsh to die over it.
Wouldn’t it be better to focus your time and energy on the steps necessary to remedy this situation?
Learn from your mistakes because it might not be your last one, and, if nothing else, learn to accept the fact that not everything can be undone, but you don’t have to make it worse .


Please don’t listen to them. S#@t happens, and for those of us with Schizophrenia when S#@t does happen it tends to hit the fan, spread around, and many of us reaches a breaking point that causes us to snap, slip into it and slide across the room. Okay, ewe bad picture just flashed in my head sorry.

I remember when I was going through University of Phoenix with Schizophrenia. I was having a hard time in one class (I don’t remember at the moment which one), I explained my situation to my guidance concealer and my teacher they were understanding. It wasn’t an exam but the end of class project and one student in our group had dropped out, another just quit participating in the group, and the third was of no help to the project and I was the only one working on it and worried it would affect my overall grade because it was supposed to be a “group” project.

My advice take a deep breath, relax…it’s not as bad as you think it is, and if you talk to your professor and explain your illness I’m sure they’d be willing to let you make up the exam, you might get points taken off for being late, but I’m sure you can get a rescheduling date. If not go to your councilor and see what options you have, there may be some you aren’t even aware of.

Sorry for the s bomb, didn’t know how else to say that.


I have a feeling you’ll get the chance to take the test. Putting all my stock in hope into that for you. Best of luck Anna hope this situation resolved itself. Be more careful next time. Bad advice from a college drop out, but i know more than anyone you gotta be commited and thorough.

Glad your professor phone you and inform you about it,its lucky for you this time round,and you learned a lesson,right??hopefully you don’t do that again…


I had to re-take TWO classes that were requirements for my degree. I failed one and got a D in the other. I needed at least a C for it to count towards my degree. BUT… when I retook one of them ( a Humanities course) my teacher let me use all my old papers! They kept them on file for two years. The class wasn’t EXACTLY the same but I used more than 50% of my old papers and got a B+. This quarter I’m retaking the other one. I’m 53 years old. I bet if you have to take that class again and pass, you will still have finished 20 years ahead of me! All is not lost. I hate to see freaking out. It just means a delay to your degree. If you take it again you will already know the material so you should be OK.